Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thrifting give away

I love to go treasure hunting...When I see a treasure (thrift) store, my heart skips a beat and then my mind races to the possibilites that lay in "store" for me... I have found furniture, clothes, amazing fabrics, re-do projects (some are still waiting for their redo), books, everyday objects, glass, vintage china..One time I found Wedgewood plates that were 33 cents each!! I have loved garage sales, flea markets, antique fairs and the like since I was a little girl. We would go with my grandmother (who was born in 1906) and she would tell us if the items were authentic, some she had when she was little, some she knew of the history, and of course, just like today, some were not the real deal! She had a wealth of knowledge to impart to me. Oh, how I wish she could still be with us especially at treasure shopping times like when we head to Round Top later this month. Right now, thrifting is becoming the "in" thing. Catch phrases like "upcylcing", "repurposing" are everywhere. My mom even saw a story on The Today Show this past week about thrifting and those that do are Savvy shoppers. So in honor of our savvy shopping, I am giving away a book entitled Thrifty Chic to one of you!!

I would love to hear about your treasure shopping experiences....Why do you like it? What has been your best find? Do you have treasure hunting friends? Tips?...Leave a comment to be entered to receive this wonderful book! We will draw the winner on March 15th!! Until next time, Happy Treasure Hunting!


P.S. Still looking for 100 followers..see earlier posts on the great giveaway when we reach 100!!


  1. Treasure Hunting is my middle name lol, Been doing this all my life, even with a metal detector, you never know what you will on earth. Would love to win this great book. I'm a follower and love your blog.

  2. I love that you get so much joy "thrifting"! While reading your post I remembered back to when we were discussing this subject once upon a mentioned you picked up a particularly lovely item at "the Treasure Store" kept yammerin' about how great "the Treasure Store" was...I finally said "Where IS this Treasure Store? We don't have one where I live!" Everyone in the room howled. I had no idea you were talking about a thrift shop! LOL Does Canton count?? If it does, well then I got a simply GORGEOUS handmade bobbin lace collar for $ a lace vendor I would have paid minimum $150 for certain!!!

  3. OH!! I'll miss you and that special little one of yours the next few days during Paper Cowgirl!!
    just me...thinkin' of "her" smile...jan