Monday, August 23, 2010

Tidbits and Tassels - just around the corner.

Finishing final touches, gathering goodies, preparing treats, cleaning (better finish this post so I can be ready!!)....I can hardly wait for our Art Retreat this weekend!! It is coming up in just 4 short days. There are such wonderful, talented and most definitely, fun ladies who are coming from as far as Ohio, Pennsylvania and Louisiana and as close as Dallas and all points in between! It will be a great time of creativity, fun, food and friendship. Be sure to check back for the post- T & T pics and stories.!!

**** Don't forget to register for High Cotton Art Camp in Abilene in October. Check out their blog for more details . I am looking forward to teaching and speaking there. It will be an incredible weekend...Hope to see you there!!***

Until next time,


Sunday, August 8, 2010

High Cotton...

want to share the exciting news about High Cotton Art Camp (for grown up girls). I will be one of 8 teachers teaching during this fabulous weekend. I am also honored to share this time with 7 incredibly talented women. Our weekend takes place in the fabulous west Texas town of Abilene. It is an awesome place. Just 3 hours west of Dallas, you will see wide open spaces and a sky that goes on forever. There are 3 awesome godly women who are putting this whole art retreat experience together. They give all the glory to God for their creativity and then want to encourage women to pursue their creative talents. There will be workshops, shopping, dining, and just a whole lot of goodness. Check out their blog by clicking on the button on the side bar and then ...Please Join me October 15th and 16th for a Cotton Pickin' good time...(couldn't resist that one)


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My first blog banner..

A new blog banner! Thanks to Jeff Arnold for a wonderful photo shoot here at home and in the studio..I was able to actually have a few pictures with my eyes open and mouth shut (well, just not talking but still showing a smile). And a thank you to Savannah, (my 16 year old) who walked (actually stood beside me) through photoshop to make a banner....So Fun!!

Recently, I was in need of some pictures of me to send to the places that I will be teaching. So I began to scour iphotos...My family loves candid pictures but those are not always the most flattering(maybe the most funny...). Little does the family know that many pictures (with me) have been deleted or cropped...I believe I have "rapid blinking syndrome"...In fact the best pictures are the ones with my sunglasses....But that was not requested. So my son suggested Jeff Arnold (He was our children's media pastor up until recently) to come and do a photoshoot...He was willing and the timing was perfect! It was a great reason to get a few outfits and have alot of fun! I will be updating profile pics everywhere..did you know that my FB picture is only 5 years old!!!

Jeff and his wife, Sara, were so fun and truly captured what I had always hoped to look like...He also loved my studio and didn't comment on the amount of stuff but thought everything was cool, especially the ribbon wall!! Here are a few pictures from that fun night...Hope you enjoy!


P.S. I will be showing more pictures but want to savor all of them..until next time..