Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The new year, a new word and new teaching opportunities!


I know we have a few more days to embrace 2015...to enjoy our family and friends..to reflect on the good, the bad, the in-between..to eat a little more than we should, to create our new year's resolutions, to then once again embrace a new year, a new hope, a new (and yet unseen), future...I absolutely love Abraham Lincoln's thoughts on the future...

The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at time.

So when our minds drift into the "what if's" and the unknown, I am reminded that indeed the future is something we can not control..we can only anticipate it one day at time.  Making the most of each opportunity, embracing each moment, the good, the bad, the in between times.  Through faith, we can take each day with a hopeful, eager anticipation.  No, not all moments will be sunshine, there will be a little or a lot of rain.  We will need our family and our friends to get us through those moments.  And Lincoln's perspective combined with what the writer of Psalms reminds us that 

This is the day the Lord has made;
We will rejoice and be glad in it.

When there seems nothing to rejoice in,  think that this is a moment, not the future, not the final destination.  Each day, there are new embraceable moments of learning, teaching, gratitude, love and  kindness (just to mention a few)...that can be shared with you or that you can share with others.  It's all about taking the future one day at time.  Being present for today and all of it's moments.    So, with 2016 just days away, what are we to do with the future...Embrace it one day at time.  

My new word for the year is......Embrace- to hold (someone) closely; to entwine closely around: to clasp;  to encircle; to accept or support willingly and enthusiastically.  

This word- Embrace/Embraceable- sums up my love for the Lord, my family and friends; my life long love of learning, creating and teaching; my artistic endeavors; My Willow Hearts' girls and their moms and more aspects of daily living ---- to entwine love, kindness and creativity; to share in the blessings and to sit with those who can teach me to embrace all of life's moments and to encircle those that need that helping, encouraging hand of friendship and support. 

Until next time, I hope that you'll take a few moments and embrace the tomorrows - one day at a time....

Teaching Opportunities at a glance 

Classes being held at My Art Studio- for details email chantal515@verizon.net

January 16 - Saturday in the Studio- Creating Wire-wrapped beaded jewelry

wire wrapped and beaded bracelet

wire wrapped and patina necklace and bracelet

wire wrapped beaded dangles with charms
and sari ribbon

January 26 - Tag Art Tuesday
Februray 13 Saturday in the Studio -  for the love of He{art}
February 23 - Tag Art Tuesday
March 19 - Saturday in the Studio - Playing with Patinas
March 22 -Tag Art Tuesday 

Classes being held at Sparks Studio

February 27- Join me for an afternoon of creating with ICE Resin®

Some of my favorite Bezels- inspiration pieces for our class

March 15-  Metal Magic with ICED Enamels

LOVE ICED Enamels--inspiration pieces for our class

Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas!!

This brings to mind a most wonderful time of the year...all of our shopping is done, the hustle and bustle have quieted now...So from my home to yours...Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Until next time, May this season of Love carry you through and permeate in all that you do!!

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Gift Card wrapping with Ribbon, Paper and Sizzix

A beautiful way to give a Gift Gard
For me, I usually like to give gifts that reflect the intended recipient and present the gift in a festive and beautiful way where the wrapping is almost as great as the gift.   When the Holiday season is here, Gift cards can be the safest, quickest and best choice for some on your list but not very fun to wrap.  So with a little paper, ribbon and a great Sizzix die, you can present the gift card in a handmade pocket that also becomes part of the gift.  You are able to put a little "you" in the present.
Here's what you'll need....


Paper -double sided card stock works great
Ribbon - I used seam binding here but any soft ribbon would work
Ink - color of your choice
Sizzix die - BIGZ notecard by Brenda Walton 
Eyelet, Eyelet setter
Stamped sentiment
Vintage sticker, optional
Glue gun, glue sticks
tape runner or glue stick
Embellishments such as charms, flowers,..

Sizzix die -by Brenda Walton

If you need to make several, die cut 2 layers at a time


1.  Using the sizzix die, die cut the paper for the notecard, the pocket and the tag.  Ink edges if desired.

2.  Using a glue stick, adhere the sides by folding on the scored lines.

3.  Cut a long piece of ribbon, Wrap around the front and tie once.  Thread on charm and then tie one more time to create a knot.

4.  Tie the ribbon 2 times to create four bow loops.

5.  Using a glue gun, adhere the holly underneath the ribbon and secure the ribbon also.  Now add flowers to the center of the bow.
A close up of the embellishments

6.  Now for the little tag, using an eyelet setter, set a jumbo or large eyelet.

7.  On a vintage sticker, stamp small sentiment

8.  Thread smaller piece of ribbon through eyelet and then loop through the git card.
the little tag with vintage sticker with stamped greeting

I place mine in a self-adhesive cellphone bag.  This die also has a notecard that fits inside.  You may need to trim the  card to fit with the gift card.

Until next time, may you find joy in giving and wrapping, too....Merry Christmas!

All ready to give to that special someone
on your list
 **I am not compensated by Sizzix for this blog post. I just love to share inspiration, techniques and to create everyday!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

A little snow and ICE on the ICE Resin® blog today - a snow-inspired necklace with ICE Resin®

Today on the ICE Resin® blog  I share with you a fun snow- filled necklace that was a sweet treat to make!!  All the details and techniques are written for you ...So no matter where you are, you can find a little snow and ICE for the holidays....

Until next time, Sending you snowball wishes!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

A day at Art on the Prairie - Relic Rings, Rustic Settings, Relaxing with new friends, Renewing my spirit...

It was a fast trip to Round Top at the beginning of November for what was to be an incredible day at Art on the Prairie....I drove down on Monday, as the class on Tuesday started early in the morning.  Since the drive is the same as we do in the spring and fall for the Amazing Antiques week, the treasure stops along the way were a must.

Tuesday Morning, I decided to drive around Carmine, Round Top and Warranton before my class began.  With coffee and THE BEST {Weikel's} Kolache in hand, I drove through the roads that are in the Spring and Fall are laden with antiques, vintage finds and "stuff" were bare, awaiting the next time the roads and fields would be filled with eager anticipation of those who come seeking that perfect something. 


Driving on country roads,wide open spaces, breathing fresh autumn air
instantly the cares of the world vanish in light of the beauty of nature. 
 Time well spent going through country roads, familiar places,  
and then onto a new destination-Art on the Prairie.

I arrived, ready to learn, ready to be inspired, ready to create.

A beautiful mystical morning fog

The beautiful venue, the beautiful directors and teachers of the art week, 
the beautiful way those that attend welcome all to their group,  
the beautifully inspired work that was created-
My new "feels like I've known forever friends - Cindy and Jerry.

Hard at Play ...Work

Our wonderful teacher, Deryn.

Eagerly watching and learning

One I finished at home with ...an ICE Resin® hand poured stone!!

It was a beautiful day!  I eagerly await next November and Art on the Prairie where I'll steal a few more days to learn, laugh and love..

Until next time, finding joy in the journey