Sunday, July 7, 2013

Reflections from the Water and the Waves

Well we are back from almost a month of vacation.  Yes, we lived, loved and lounged on the beach!! It was amazing...watching the sunrise every morning while drinking coffee, reflecting,and then needlework for at least 1 1/2 hours.  IT was pure heaven.  Then it was swimming, sunning, shell seeking, reading, and just really soaking in the time together.  There was plenty of golfing, shopping, a quick trip to Disney World, and the Vera Bradley outlet in Orlando.  But my main goal was to relax, refresh, reflect, and come back renewed and inspired.  I think it worked but oooh, how I miss the sound of the waves and the water.

I am so blessed that I love my home and all that goes with keeping ours. I tried to delve in slowly so at to allow the waves of renewal last a little longer.  But the "dailys" begin the minute we opened the front door.   Laundry reminds me that I'm clothed not just in cottons but in the compassion of Christ.  Dirty dishes means that I'm fed not just by the food on my plate but by the word of God that he speaks into my life.  Pulling weeds and watering flowers remind me of how God pulls the weeds, the sin, out of my life and plants in me the Fruit of the Spirit.  My Art Studio, even though messy, tells me that God can create a masterpiece with all the mess in my life.  My Sewing Room, with fabric and thread, lets me know that God is the weaver, the tapestry maker, who will weave a beautiful story with my life even though sometimes I see only the back and forth of his shuttle and not the whole tapestry.

And when I sit down at the end of a day of laundry, dishes, gardening, weeding, cleaning up or cleaning out and I let out a tired sigh, I am reminded that My God never sleeps, nor slumbers.  His eyes never grow weary, his arms never too heavy.  And when I go to bed so as  to be refreshed for the new day ahead, I think of his mercies that await me tomorrow- They are new every morning.

Blessings to you as you soak up the summer days and the warmth of family--

My view every morning!

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