Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I wanted to share with y'all our newly named Chicken Yard/Coop.  I have spent along time thinking of what I would call our little hens' haven...I thought of many cutesy, french, funny names but none seemed to capture the heart of the henhouse  "Feathered Dreams" came to me and was so perfect.  You see,   I have dreamt of having sweet little (bantam) hens, affectionately known as "Our girlies"  for over 20 years.  Last April, my husband said that I didn't need his permission to have them but I sure wanted his blessing! And I definitely received it.  We built a wonderful chicken yard complete with a small starter coop, grass, colorful mexican heather growing in pots, and 2 wonderful iron chairs for us to sit and  chicken watch.  IF you haven't done this, it is way better than people watching.  Presleigh and I even go out there and do some of our school work.  We read aloud novels, work on  math and all of us share fun times.  We have happy (and smart) hens!   The sign above has a dual purpose...our name but also shelter in the time of rain...This however is one area that the hens don't seem to understand-when it rains, they stay and get wet.  I guess they love to play in the rain! Stay tuned for more pictures of this wonderful feathered dream as the new larger coop arrives in about 2 weeks.  Until next time,

here are 4 of our girlies...

Saturday, April 7, 2012