Sunday, July 7, 2013

Reflections from the Water and the Waves

Well we are back from almost a month of vacation.  Yes, we lived, loved and lounged on the beach!! It was amazing...watching the sunrise every morning while drinking coffee, reflecting,and then needlework for at least 1 1/2 hours.  IT was pure heaven.  Then it was swimming, sunning, shell seeking, reading, and just really soaking in the time together.  There was plenty of golfing, shopping, a quick trip to Disney World, and the Vera Bradley outlet in Orlando.  But my main goal was to relax, refresh, reflect, and come back renewed and inspired.  I think it worked but oooh, how I miss the sound of the waves and the water.

I am so blessed that I love my home and all that goes with keeping ours. I tried to delve in slowly so at to allow the waves of renewal last a little longer.  But the "dailys" begin the minute we opened the front door.   Laundry reminds me that I'm clothed not just in cottons but in the compassion of Christ.  Dirty dishes means that I'm fed not just by the food on my plate but by the word of God that he speaks into my life.  Pulling weeds and watering flowers remind me of how God pulls the weeds, the sin, out of my life and plants in me the Fruit of the Spirit.  My Art Studio, even though messy, tells me that God can create a masterpiece with all the mess in my life.  My Sewing Room, with fabric and thread, lets me know that God is the weaver, the tapestry maker, who will weave a beautiful story with my life even though sometimes I see only the back and forth of his shuttle and not the whole tapestry.

And when I sit down at the end of a day of laundry, dishes, gardening, weeding, cleaning up or cleaning out and I let out a tired sigh, I am reminded that My God never sleeps, nor slumbers.  His eyes never grow weary, his arms never too heavy.  And when I go to bed so as  to be refreshed for the new day ahead, I think of his mercies that await me tomorrow- They are new every morning.

Blessings to you as you soak up the summer days and the warmth of family--

My view every morning!

The dates/times and place are changing for my workshops--Stay tuned for new dates and times!!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

It's Gradtastic!!!!

SO PROUD of our son, Morgan, who graduated from Abilene Christian University this past Saturday (5/11)
and today we celebrate his birthday!!!
pictured with our daughters, Savannah (19) and Presleigh (12)

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A place for everything...this time crochet hooks.

Just wanted to share with y'all a new treasure find for me - an old vintage metal drill bit holder "retooled" into something a little more fun...

A great crochet hook holder - originally used for drill bits.

A few of my books and hooks
What great treasure find did you stumble upon this week?  Leave a comment below! I am looking forward to see what inspiration you have for me!

Until next time, Blessings to you---

Friday, April 19, 2013

TIme flies...when you're living!!!

I can't believe it's been since February that I have been here!! Life gets busy, creative and fun... here are a few things I've been up to....Spring Break, painting party with my Willow Hearts gals, teaching Art and Literature, planning graduation receptions for our CERC seniors,  preparing for  Morgan's (our son) College Graduation!!! And a four day trip to the fabulous Round Top Antiques week with family and friends that feel like family!! But in the midst of life, Creativity still finds me....4 of my bags were published in the current issue of Haute Handbags....still so excited and deeply honored to be in these incredible publications, working on wrapped and wired jewelry, painting with the new gelli art plates - amazing!!! Routine also finds me...laundry (as I write there are 3, yes, 3 loads of laundry) just waiting to be folded, grocery shopping, taking care of my little hens- love, love, love them, school with Presleigh- although summer is in the air and our focus is where the sand meets our toes, but we will finish strong,..Easter came early. I wasnt' sure if we would get all the decorations up and dresses bought but we did and the girls were beautiful and my men were handsome. A beautiful time of renewal and redemption and remembering the love of God that has been poured out on us!

As I thought of our Round Top experience with all the different vendors, the crazy prices, the crazy things that we saw and wondered "Who would want that?  What is it? Oh, I remember those."  I love sharing with my girls the wonderful treasures that reminds us of our family, our growing up years, how far we've come and yes, sometimes yearning  to go back to simpler times.  Doesn't the sound of the rotary phones take you back - of course my youngest said "Oh I have that ringtone app."  Times have surely changed.

But there were several vendors that made me pause for a moment and think of how wonderful our God truly is ...My dear friend, Stephanie and I had found a few earrings that were not intact but were good for repurposing but of course no price.  So we went to the vendor and asked how much would it be for these 5 little items...She took them from our hand and looked at them as if this was the first time she had seen them.  It was nearing the end of the 2 weeks of the show and she knew what she had but none the less she looked them over and began to tell us of their worth, the story and ooh, she just couldn't take less than $$$ for them.  We believed she just made up different prices as the mood struck her.  This attitude happened time and again.  One vendor had rusted and broken hardware and told us to make a pile and then she would give us a price.  Each one of us began to make piles.  As we each brought her the baskets, each price was different yet we all had the same items.  How could this be?  She made her prices perhaps according to person, the way they looked, how much money did she think we had,...Needless to say, we didn't buy from either one of them--So how do those experiences and God relate?

I thought that when we bring God our mess, our sin, our mistakes, our brokenness- each one of our lives looks different.  So God could say- "Well, your life is sure messier than her's so the cost of forgiveness is greater" or "Bring me a pile of your mistakes and I'll name a price...the price depends on how much you have, or what I need to get back from it."  Do you see where I am going?  God, in his pure love and wisdom, knows that one mistake separates us and that he longs to be in a relationship with us. To teach us, to lead us, to love us..So when we bring God our messed up and broken life, he already knows the price, he already knows that each one of us will receive the same price regardless of how much or how little is in our "pile" - Total Forgiveness through the Cross of Christ.

When you think of it God is the best "Junk Vendor."  He deals with us each day and yet knows that are worth is far greater that we could ever imagine!! He was willing to pay the highest price for my pile of Junk and then if I allow,  turn it into the treasure he knows I could be!

Thank's for reading what is on my heart - Here are a few pictures of the past few months....
Cover of Haute Handbags

First of two articles...

2nd article 

My ultimate children

my girls

My sweet momma!

sitting and snacking on the hill 

A little metal - anyone?

the beach is always close by with little shells that we have picked up 

metal and vintage books =love!!
Grandmommy and Memaw- Great times in Round Top!
 Until next time--- Blessings, 

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Simply stamped and simply stunning

Recently I was mailing a few aprons and needed tags for the wrapped packages.  Needing something cute but quick- I turned to a few favorite supplies.  When I am pressed for time, the results can be quite wonderful and the time crunch helps me to realize that not everything has to be over the top, filled to the brim, covered from corner to corner.  Sometimes Most of the time - The simple things in life are the best things....It's ok to be simple, simply stated, simply stamped  and simply stunning.  Here are a few pictures of the finished tags  with the  "how to's" and the simple supplies.  I hope you enjoy this idea and always remember to enjoy the simple things in life for one day when you look back they will have been the big things (btw--I have that trustworthy saying on a stamp:).....

Gather Supplies

*Small shipping tags
*Vintage library cards
*Tag punch - I used the fiskars tag for this project.  It punches the thicker card stock with ease.
*Stazon ink (black)
*Colorbox ink (Chestnut Roan)
*Stamp of your choice 
*Paper Roses with floral stems
*Craft adhesive 
*Hole punch
*Ribbon or Rickrack.

small shipping tags, card catalog tags, stamps, rick rack and paper roses.

How to.....

1.  Using the fiskars tag punch, punch tags from the library card.
2.  Ink stamp with Stazon and stamp image on all tags
3.  Using chestnut roan, ink the edges of the tags.
4.  At the top of the library card tags, punch hole for rickrack or ribbon
5.  To create the curly stems, use a small skewer or dowel and wrap the stem around it several times to create the curly cues...I just love this!!

Here are the curly cues made with a larger dowel and wrapped heavy gauge wire

6.  Using adhesive, glue the flower to the tag, do not glue the stem.  Allow to dry.
***Tip:  If when the image was stamped there happened to be a smudge--use the flower to hide this little oops--I'm not claiming or denying any such oops in my tags--I'm just sayin'
7.  When dry, cut desired length of rickrack and slip it through the holes of the tag and then tie a knot.  ***Option 2..use Tim Holtz's tiny attacher for the rick rack and staple through the layers and then it will lay flat.  

Simple but stunning--when I look at these tags- I just get happy..perhaps it's the colors, the vintage cards and rickrack or perhaps I know that  these took me about 10 minutes and they were perfectly paired with my Aprons!  Whatever the reasons- I just love simple!!! Now it's your turn, let's link  your simple and stunning projects...

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Valentine typography tutorial

Have you seen all the beautiful typography that is all over everywhere...if you haven't, I think you might need to get out a little more.  All the fonts, the sayings, the colors, the words are quite the rage...There are tons of computer tutorials for these letter beauties.  However, sometimes one can get discouraged about their own limits of creating in this technology driven world.     When someone begins with just go to photoshop and reverse the image and then use the layers effect.....well you lost me at just go to photoshop, I actually thought we were shopping! No, not really but with me, hands on is still the best approach.  So what is a gal to do to create some of her own typography?  
Head to your stash of scrap-booking stickers and find some words, thoughts, expression, letters and let the magic begin...

Sweet valentine's stickers that I've had for years!!
Regular printing paper
Position your stickers on copy paper, copy it and then you will have two copies to
create a larger piece of typography.

Next you will need freezer paper, muslin, scissors and an iron.
Iron muslin to freezer paper, shiny side up. No steam!! By the way, best iron ever
Black and Decker Classic - nice and heavy! Trim muslin to fit in the the paper tray of your printer.  Make sure that the muslin adheres firmly to the freezer paper, paying close attention to the corners.  
Using your arranged sticker paper and your printer, place the prepared muslin into the paper tray (* I remove all of the paper so as not to have any paper jams).  This is the printed muslin after it has gone through the printer...
I created varying shades- so as to create different effects.  You could even do a black and white--ooh, that would be so beautiful..I'm going to do this once I finish this post.  

a better view of the printed muslin  
You are my everything!!-Isn't that truly the best sentiment ever!!

I have already begun to use the lightest muslin as a trio of hearts -perhaps as a banner or as little sachets. You could frame the printed fabric, add it to a project or let this be the project!! Any way you choose, it is a great and easy way to create typography for that Love-ly Holiday!!

If you would like to check out another trio of hearts, my Linen Hearts are featured in the current issue.
Heart Wreaths for everyday decor--that's me!!!

Linen Love-- these hang in my home all year long.. Love isn't only for a day - it is for a lifetime.   
I would love to know of your heart-felt projects and inspirations.  Feel free to share on my first ever link party- a heart full of linen, love and inspiration!! and we will have a giveaway at the end of the party!! So let's link up with lots of love.....

P.S.  Don't worry, we are not in Hawaii as the link says- just a first timer forgetting to change the time zone.  We are still in the great state of Texas!!

Until next time--Blessings

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Linen Love

I am so honored and excited to be in the new issue of Somerset Life.  A beautiful publication that showcases living the life through creative avenues.  My trio of linen wreaths are featured on page 56.  They are wonderful and carefree to make - a little linen, a little embellishing and a whole lot of love!!

My wreath article made the cover- not the picture but still am on the cover!!!

Linen Love!

A close up (photo from home) of one of the hearts
I do hope this inspires you to keep wreaths up all year long -As these will grace my windows long after Valentine's Day is over - we can always use a little {linen} love in our homes!!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Every day is a gift

Even though Christmas Day has past, the decorations have been put away, and Bing Crosby's White Christmas along with all the other holiday songs have been shuffled off of our play list...Every day is a Gift.  If we choose to see the beauty and the blessings in every day -yes, even the worst of days, they in time will become a cherished part of who we are.  Someone once told me (in regard to parenting) that the days are slow but the years are fast.  I find that the days go fast and the years go faster.  I want to be the person who cherishes each day and more so the people whom I share that day with!  I also want to prioritize my days, so that my energy, my talents and my time will help to make the day a gift for my husband, children, parents, friends and those who I come into contact with.  It may mean slowing down or saying no to all that come along.  It may mean seizing the opportunity or saying yes to the important.   One thing for certain that I know is that it will be seeking with my whole heart (and yes, my calendar) - the Lord...who will make my paths straight, who will help me prioritize my days, who will see me through all of my days - and who is the giver of all good things.  

As I began to re-decorate the outdoors- Here's what I came up with....


Love Every Day!

The table

Love Every Day "alpha card'-one of my favorite things to create

a  gift-slate hearts from my sister

Larger view of the table-(studio in the background)

My sentiment - exactly!!

So now each day when I walk to the hens, to the studio, to the pool, to the outdoor kitchen or to sit by the fire-(or even to take out the trash) eyes will read and my heart will know that indeed-

Every day is a gift!!