Thursday, October 25, 2012

Rusted flowers....

Some may find that in my studio are a lot of things.  Some might call it junk, but  for me  they are treasures just waiting for the right idea or inspiration to come along. Recently in my Literature and Art class that I teach, we did a wonderful art project known as "Picasette" - a form of mosaics using chipped and broken china - in another word -Trash Art.  We read a short story from 1967 called The Junk on Juniper Street.  The old saying is true - "One man's junk is another one's treasure."  I wish I had taken pictures - the girls loved it...they loved digging through my glass punch bowl of "tosh" (another great word used by a good friend of mine- Thanks Fran!) Someone asked me if I just bought all this stuff for class and of course I said "No, it's been years in the making." And trust me when I say there is plenty more of "tosh" in the studio and the sewing room!

Here's a story about a little "tosh" lying around in the studio.  A while ago I find some really ugly bright, not quite my style place cards at the treasure store and picked them up for 99 cents for all 6! Even if they didn't work out, they truly could wind up in the trash and I'ld be ok with it.  Here they are before---(Yeah me!  I remembered to take a picture)

a little bright and not too pretty 

here's one in green- 
So with a cool technique using VerDay paints by Ten Second Studio These little ugly blooms became rusted, vintage and quite at home in their new look....

Look at the rust-- I know it's crazy how much we love rusted old things....

Look at the depth of rust and color....ooh C'est Magnifique!!

These are now the most awesome little place cards - Most cast aways just need a little TLC, inspiration  and a little paint and with cool techniques such as distressing, rusting, verdigris, etc.  the possibilities are limitless.  Hope your day finds you with filled with treasures.  

Until next time- Blessings,

Monday, October 1, 2012

Spray Painting Fever!! Part 2

Second dresser with Spray Paint, stencil using Martha Stewart paint and stencil,
finished with Annie Sloan dark wax 
This is my second dresser redo with Krylon Dual Spray Paint.  I absolutely love this stuff!! I did forget to take the before pictures.  But trust me when I say that this is WAY better!! This dresser was originally a dark blue that someone had repainted white.  However you could still see the blue when you opened the drawers, there were white drips running down the side and then sticky residue was on the top of the dresser as well as the front of the drawers.  I had originally paid $9.98 (found at one of my local treasure store on 50% off day)  for it and gave it to my mom when it was a white dresser.  She decided after a few months of the dresser sitting in the garage, that she didn't have room for it.  So when I took it back, I knew it needed to be upstairs in our beach room.   But oh - it needed TLC!

First, I wiped down the dresser with murphy oil soap wipes.  I love these as they are easy to use and do not leave a residue but clean the wood.  Then I did need to use goo gone for the sticky stuff.  Worked like a charm.  Then started spraying with a light hand moving back and forth.  I waited in between coats- this dresser used a little over 2 cans!!  Once the paint on the drawer fronts were dry, I used Martha Stewarts acrylic paint in a rich brown and one of her stencils from the "doily" collection (I don't' know if that is what it is called but the stencil is a doily so it work's for me). Her blue adhesive tape also works great with stenciling.  I stenciled using the dry brush method - meaning not a lot of paint on the brush but the effect is great!  Once I removed the stencil, I painted Annie Sloan's dark wax over the drawers, one at a time, and then wiped immediately.  I also did the dresser top, sided and front.  The wax was great! It grabbed where the original drippys were and wherever there was any kind of rough patch -It looks awesome!

I'll have to say that my mom is wishing she had kept the dresser.  But sad to say that it isn't up for grabs anymore.  Presleigh will soon fill it with treasures.   As they say one woman's  trash  donation is another woman's treasure.  I do come by quite a few treasures!!

I would love to hear of your great treasure finds--Until then, Happy hunting!