Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Bohemian Embroidered Banner featured on Ann Butler Designs

Bohemian Embroidered Banner 
Happy Wednesday!  Being on a Creative Design team is a joy and privilege.  And one that I am  currently enjoying is that of the Creative Team with Ann Butler and her amazing designs in stamping,   her color palette in her line of inks and more.  This is my first project with this new team of 2017.  My focus will be stitching and embroidery while incorporating her products in my pieces.  In this banner, we take 2 of her faux quilting stamps to create our background.  Then to give it a focal point and share a sentiment I added french knots to one of my labels (these will be available in mid to late April- there are 4 sayings).  To complete the banner, vintage red trim, eyelets and lace create a this Bohemian style wall hanging.  To see the complete step by step tutorial, visit annbutlerdesigns 

I love that I have the opportunity to sit, stitch and share inspiration projects and little pieces of my heart!

Until next time,

Happy Stitching.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Mirror Mirror, on the Wall- I love etchall® - A DIY project using a repurposed mirror, stencils and etchall®

Etched Mirror using etchall® etching creme
I am so excited to be part of the DCC blog hop featuring etchall® and their fabulous etching products!! Today, I want to share with you the ease  in using the etchall®etching creme and the amazing results you can have!  There are many etching products available to us and I have used many of them.  But once I started using etchall®, I was hooked!!  It etches deep, leaving a beautiful shade to your surface.  It can work on mirrors, glass, slate and more.  It's reusable - can you believe it?  You just scoop the excess back into the jar!!!  For this project, the supply list is short, the time it takes to etch is short but the enjoyment will last a lifetime!!  Let's get started...

Let's gather...

Thrift store find mirror
Etchall® etching creme
Stencil tape or painters tape
Glass Cleaner and paper towels

Let's get etching...

1.  Lay mirror onto a surface such as a counter top or a table.  Be sure to protect the surface where you will be etching.
Taping the stencil

2.  Position stencil and then with stencil/painter's tape, Tape stencil securely to the mirror,keeping the stencil tight up against the mirror

3.  Pour a little of the etching creme on to the corner of the stencil.  Using the squeegee, begin to spread the creme across the stencil.  Apply this in one direction so as to not disturb the stencil
beginning to spread the creme

Any excess of creme, can go back in the jar!!!

4.  Once stencil is covered with the creme, set the timer to 15 minutes.

5.  When the 15 minutes are finished, begin to rinse with warm water, the stencil areas, trying to get all the creme off before removing the stencil
stencil covered in etchall® etching creme

6.  Remove the stencil and continue rinsing.

7.  Once all of the etching® creme has been rinsed away, use glass cleaner and paper towels to clean up any residue.

the finished piece
I absolutely fell in love with this mirror.  After is was all cleaned, I sanded the edges to reveal 4 layers of paint.  I left the patinas on the mirror to give it that vintage feel.  With the french sentiment stencil and the etchall® etching creme, this mirror could hang in the cafe or in your home!!

Until next time, look for thrift store mirrors, glasses and all those etching possiblities can become reality...all it takes is 15 minutes!!!  I hope you will give it a try!!

Be sure to join me on the blog hop to see what others have done with etchall® products!!

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The Eessence of Opal - featured on the ICE Resin blog

The Essence Of Opal necklace

Today, I am thrilled to be on the ICE Resin Blog,  sharing how to create this Blue Australian Opal Inspired Trio Necklace (and  lots more pictures).  This necklace incorporates inclusion such as the new ICE Resin © Glass glitter chards, the new IR luminous papers and my go to for lots of color and texture- ICED Enamels.™  All of the supplies can be found on the Ranger © or ICE Resin© websites.  I hope you will be able to find inspiration and a little gemology in this jewelry tutorial.

Until next time,  I hope you find joy in each day!!

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Petticoats on the Prairie- Vintage Market in Coleman, Texas

I am so excited to be a part of this wonderful West Texas Vintage Market that will be in just a few weeks from now!!  It will be a two day show with great vendors, food trucks and of course, great treasures!!! From handmade to antiques, you will be able to find a treasure to take home!!  I will be debuting my own paper and fabric line along with my hand painted Resined jewelry and home decor...along with a few vintage finds...I hope to see y'all here - make plans for a weekend getaway!!  For more information, check it out here

My paper pads!!! 

Until Next Time, I hope you're finding treasures in the everyday!!