Thursday, October 19, 2017

Reminders from a Reclaimed Mirror featuring etchall® crème

I found this mirror on one of our treasure hunting days in Canton (TX). I actually passed it up (only for a moment) …the price was too good to be true so I didn’t think it was. I looked at and then moved onto the next booth. But it was just nagging at me to go back and to double check the price… So, I did “Is this mirror really $4.00?”. “Yes” was the answer and money changed hands and I was now a proud of owner of a not so perfect mirror that was going to be perfect for my new kitchen wall!

Etching was immediately on my mind.  I love to etch mirrors- it can be a little tricky when removing the crème but with a little a patience and practice, it turns out beautiful every time!! With etchall®, the etching is deep, beautiful and permanent!  On mirrors, the etching also adds to the beauty as it reflects what is in view and the words or images gently create depth and richness. Reclaimed or Used Mirrors are easy to find at treasure (thrift) stores, garage sales and estate sales and sometimes it’s easier and a little less stressful to try something new on an inexpensive item.  Once you’ve finished one mirror, you will be on the lookout for that perfect looking glass to etch your next word or beautiful image!  Let’s get started….


Painter’s tape
Stencils of your choice
etchall® crème- you may need a larger quantity, depending on the size of your mirror
etchall® squeegee
paper towels
glass cleaner
rubbing alcohol


1.     Clean mirror with glass cleaner and then follow it with rubbing alcohol. Make sure it is free of lint, dust and dirt.  Let dry.

      Using stencil spray, spray back of stencils.  Give it a minute to get a little tacky and then place on mirror.
2.     Using painter’s tape, tape securely around your stencils and cover every part of your mirror that you do not want etching.  ***This is so important.  As you can see in the photo, I covered the entire mirror.

3.     Using squeegee, spread the etchall® crème over the stencils.  I try to spread it in the same directions so as not to move the stencils or accidentally spread the creame under the stencil.

4.     Set the timer for 15 minutes
5.     Using squeegee, pick up the crème and put it back in the jar! Remember the crème is reusable!!

6.     Using a wet sponge, wipe the remaining crème. Once all crème is sponged up, remove all painters tape and stencils. You can clean it one more time with water but be sure you have all the crème up!! Let it dry.

Until next time,  enjoy your beautiful mirror that also will remind you of just how loved you are!!!

Monday, September 25, 2017

Pumpkin Paradise- a painter's delight featuring Fusion mineral paints and a sea-inspired finish

It is always exciting to welcome a new season and to greet it with anticipation, highlighting the uniqueness to each time of year.  In the fall, I love to see all the magazines, view Pinterest and see all the pumpkin-laden porches.  However, in Texas it is really too warm to set out the real deal, the parade of pumpkins become a mush in just a few short weeks (sometimes, days depending on the temperatures).  SO, I am so thankful to our big craft/box stores for giving us the faux pumpkins in plastic, papier-mâché and sometimes ceramic…but sometimes, they need a little help to match our décor.  For this pumpkin project, I chose the cream-colored plastic pumpkins at .98 each – I grabbed all they had and of course shared some  with my mom!! These little gems don’t need a pre-paint prep, no primer – they are a great base just as they are.  Using fusion paints, two coats was all they required.  I decided to continue with a dark wax to highlight and give definition.  Deciding what to add to give them a touch of my style was easy- a little string, wire, shells and ICE Resin® paper were the perfect palette!!  Let your style come through- in selecting your paints, choosing those things that speak to you, embellishments that you love – ribbons, buttons, vintage jewelry…the pumpkin possibilities are limitless.

Since these are plastic, they are too light weight for outside but they will grace our fall table (once my kitchen remodel is finished) nestled in a wood tray that will be filled with shells and reindeer moss. My perfect blend of fall and the joy of gathering –shells, memories and more as   we gather around the table. To create your pumpkin paradise, let’s gather a few things and get started…
I love these little jars!!!


Faux pumpkins
Fusion Paints™ mineral paints  in Algonquin, Inglenook, Sterling Gris and champness or acrylic paints of your choice
Sponge Brushes
Painter’s tape
Annie Sloan® Dark wax
Rustic wire
Bamboo skewers
Wire cutters
ICE Resin®
Disposable cup, sponge
Vintage papers
Adhesive such as Glossy Accents™
Sea shells
Glue Gun, glue sticks


1.      Cover stems with painter’s tape.
2.     With sponge brush, paint 2 coats of fusion paints on each pumpkin.  Set aside to dry between coats. 
Second coat and look great!!

3.     Once dry, remove painter’s tape and wrap stems with jute* and tie in a simple knot.

4.     To create wire curly ques, cut a manageable length of wire and from the middle of the wire, begin to wrap around a bamboo skewer or a pencil.  Repeat on the other side.
wire curly question and the start of the ICE Resin® leaf

5.     Add wire to the stem. Secure by tightening the wire around the stem.
6.     Using a leaf punch, punch leaves from the ICE Resin® Paper**
a little light from the studio gives them a fall glow

7.     Using adhesive such as glossy accents, adhere leaves. 

8.     Using glue gun, glue shells to the pumpkin.

*To curl the jute, wrap the jute around a pencil; spray with water and heat dry.

**To create ICE Resin® paper, mix the resin according to package directions.  Laying vintage paper on a nonstick craft mat, spread the resin with a sponge gently across the paper in one direction.  Coat one side and turn over and coat the back.  Let dry on the craft mat for 8 hours.  Now it is ready to use!!

Here are a few more finished.  I actually think
the ones my mother did!!!

Until next time, I hope in addition to painting and decorating with pumpkins that you will enjoy a little pumpkin pie and enjoy not only the décor of the season but the deliciousness too!!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Cozy up and Enjoy your Coffee featuring Kunin® Felt and hand embroidery

Enjoy working with Kunin Felt

When the opportunity to join the DCC blog hop featuring Kunin Felt was offered to me, I jumped at the chance to work with this ecofriendly, made in the USA felt!  I love to work with felt but so many of the craft felts disappoint as they are thinner and do not hold up well with embroidery. Also, being allergic to wool takes me out of the market to embroider with the beautiful rainbow of colors that wool offers.  Upon receiving my envelope of felt goodness, I immediately knew this was no ordinary craft felt.  Here’s a little more information from Debra Quartermain, Design Lead from Kunin Felt Product-

“Kunin Felt recycles billions of water bottles every year that would otherwise be in the landfills and makes them into a product which becomes felt.  12 bottles equal 1 lb. of felt.  The felt is weather resistant and fade proof, great for outdoor décor. You can even line your garden beds or patio with it, weed free!  The felt diecuts beautifully.  You can even emboss it and stamp on it.”
Beautiful colors
As I took out the Classicfelt and the Premiumfelt, I knew this {felt} felt good in my hands, so it was going to make a great cozy to wrap around my coffee mug/tumbler which is where my hands are every morning around 5 am! I decided to run the felt through my Sizzix Big Shot and create my own embellishments and sentiment for my cozy. The Premium felt in smoke, was the perfect base piece to make the cozy and with new seasons approaching, I decided to cut leaves, a teacup and ‘Enjoy’ along with a few hearts to share my love of coffee, embroidery and Kunin Felt.  This project was a work of heart and also was finished in an evening. I love this felt so much that I am working on the second one and will hopefully keep adding to my coffee love with cozies and Kunin Felt! Pour a cup of joe, and let’s get started making a cozy –you might even be finished before your second cup!
I had the beads ready but decided I liked the
embroidery without the beads!
This felt die cuts with ease.
I loved the stitching the leaves!

9” x 12” Classicfelt in Olive, White, Baby Pink, Baby Blue
12” x 18” Premiumfelt in Smoke

Cozy pattern*
Sizzix dies in Harvest Pumpkin, Primitive Hearts
Spellbinders die – ‘Enjoy’
Provo Craft die - Hearts
Fabric scissors
DMC embroidery floss – white, 470, 519, 605
Embroidery needle, scissors
Sewing machine
Sewing thread in Black

 *If you are interested in this pattern, email  me at with cozy pattern in the subject and I will send you a pdf that you can print out on heavy card stock paper for you very own use.


1.     Place cozy pattern on Smoke. Pin in place and cut.
2.     Die cut leaves, teacup, hearts and ‘Enjoy’ with Sizzix Big Shot.

Arrange pieces in the center of the cozy

3.     Once, all pieces are cut, find center of cozy and begin to pin all pieces in place.

Close up of embroidery stitches
4.     For the leaves, use 2 strands of DMC 470 and the stem stitch to outline/highlight the inner part of the leaves.
5.     For ‘Enjoy’, use 2 strands of 519 placing French knots on the letters to secure.
6.     With DMC in white and the running stitch, stich around the teacup
7.     With DMC 605, add a few French knots to the mini heart inside the teacup.
8.     Once the front is completed, pin the ends right side together, and with the sewing machine, straight stitch to create a ¼” seam and create the cozy. Turn rightside out.

The back is as pretty as the front!

9.     With DMC 605, secure the larger heart to the back with French knots

Until next time, slip your finished cozy around a delicious cup of coffee and sit back and admire your handiwork! While you are relaxing, be sure to check out more projects using Kunin Felt on the DCC blog

Cozy up with a wonderful cup of coffee or tea!