Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Just a few things I've been up to...

Time is flying by these days...  I wake up with such anticipation for what the daily will bring.  Some days it is more about errands, to do lists and of course, laundry (always laundry) but in everyday I find time do something creative, even if it is only a few crochet stitches, a few moments with wire,  a journal entry, spending time in the Word  with the most creative author or a moment in the outdoors.  One of my friends recently asked me if I really do something creative everyday and my answer was a resounding YES.  It rejuvenates my spirit and puts a little spring in my step. So with that here are a few pictures of creative moments in my day...

Working with a torch and wire drawing beads on the end!!

Making Crochet markers for my Home Ec students

Crocheting a new bracelet cuff - creating my own pattern. 

Spending time with my girls at the GATA SingSong breakfast in Abilene

More metal magic with ICED Enamels 

Getting ready for the 2nd ICE RESIN® design team project - details soon

Resin paper wire beads

A new submission using the Resin paper beads.
Another reason I love to  put creativity in everyday is that I get to share from my heart  with my family,  friends and  hopefully this gives a little joy in their everyday.  For you my readers, I too hope this puts a little joy in your heart.

Until next time,