Saturday, October 24, 2009

Lysol anyone?

Lysol anyone?? I just finished spraying Lysol disinfectant spray all around our house. Can you guess why??? The crud germs have found their way to our house. 3 appointments to the doctor yesterday and 1 trip during after hours indicated 2 with viral/sinus crud and 1 with a strep type infection that produced mammoth hives, fever, sore throat---Then today, hubby came home from a golf game with 101 temp....Looking forward to a fresh week with hopefully, well bodies and eager minds. On the bright side, while sitting with my youngest, I worked on some embroidery for a big project that must be finished by November 9th...It is a reward to work with our hands and to hold our loved ones close!! May the germs not find their way to your house and may this week be happy and healthy for all!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tidbits and Tassels 2 - an art gathering August 2010

Mark you the date!! We are planning another awesome Tidbits and Tassels 2 Art Event on Saturday, August 28th 2010!!!
It will be held in my home and art studio in Rowlett, TX. If you are interested in being on the email list to reserve a spot or for further info. leave a comment or contact me at Look for more details in the coming months. We are going to have good food, loads of fun, great friends and incredible art workshops!!

To take a look at this first Tidbits and Tassels Art event, look at jodie's wonderful blog and Sarah's fun blog and of course, past entries from here!!

Hope to hear from y'all soon and see you in August!!

Friday, October 2, 2009

where have I been.....

So sorry that my last post was in early September....So let me catch you up just a bit. Once my Art Event "Tidbits and Tassels" were over..I relished in all the fun and art that we had created for a few days. That came to a quick end when I was asked to do a "simple" project for the 3rd grade hall at our school...Decorate 5 enormous bulletin boards. My reply. .."Of course, I would love to." Indeed I did, but it was a huge undertaking but had a blast gathering and creating all of the symbols and of course painting a faux finish on butcher paper for the background. (Just a few pics of some of the boards!!!) And of course, in between getting these ready was the typical school work, swim team practice (for Savannah of course), a few doctor's appointments, teaching a Women's Bible Study(Tuesdays) and 3rd graders on Sundays, house cleaning (when it would fit) and getting ready to teach at Paper Cowgirl Altered Retreat which is tomorrow in Waxahachie, TX. Life is fast and fun...enjoy the ride!!!