Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Amazing Appliance Makeovers featuring a vintage 1940's Kitchen Aid mixer and a little crockpot dipper and Mod Podge™

Covered in TLC and Mod Podge®

A new 1940's vintage Kitchen Aid

Mod Podge®…. who knew it would be the go to decoupage, sealer and more way back in the 70’s when as a little girl, I remember my mom using this amazing stuff that was in a funky orange and yellow bottle!! She would use it on everything from “Decoupage-ing” recipes onto wood breadboards to sealing hand painted home décor items and more.   I love the story of how it began by Jan Wetstone in the 1960’s!!  She has made a lasting impact on crafters everywhere and also on the beautifully crafted pieces that are made.  My mom’s breadboards are as perfect today as they were when she first made them. 

So when I was asked to participate in this blog hop, without hesitation, I added my name to the list.  I have been “Mod Podging” since I was a little girl and it is my go-to glue, decoupage and sealer. 

My Goody Box!!

To my surprise, I received a wonderful goody box that contained Mod Podge®, brushes that were made by Plaid for Mod Podge® and a few other treasures.  Thank you, Plaid®!! But what was I to create; the ideas are boundless, limitless…paper or fabric, glass or wood…and then I remembered how on a recent trip to London, I had fallen in love with  Liberty of London’s famous fabric patterned toasters, mixers and more. 

Liberty of London's Toaster and Tea Kettle!- My Inspiration!!

A few supplies....

Would there be a way to use Mod Podge on an appliance????  YES… it’s the Dishwasher safe Mod Podge®!! So to the treasure store I went, searching for an appliance to cover with originally designed paper and Mod Podge®!  On my first stop, I found (and purchased) a little Crockpot dipper for $3.99 and it was 30% off!!  I continued to look for more appliances but some were too big, too many hinges, too expensive… So this little dipper was just the right size to begin this endeavor.

While working with this project, I decided to use the brushes that were in my goody box.  I have seen them in the stores but truthfully,  I thought all brushes were equal and I always used sponge brushes…well, not anymore!  These are fantastic brushes and brushing on even coats has never been easier!!  They wash and dry beautifully and are ready to be used again and again!  These now will be special brushes only for Mod Podge® and as for the sponge brushes- they will get to be used with something else.

Now, that I have finished this little appliance, I am onto  covering a 1940’s vintage Kitchen Aid Mixer (see pictures below-blog post to follow)and is search of the perfect tea kettle!!  I feel that if Jan and I had met in person, we would be covering everything from dishes to doors and everything in between! 

Ready, Set…Mod Podge!!


Mod Podge® brush set, decoupage
Mod Podge® - Dishwasher safe
Mini Crockpot or appliance of choice
Sand block or sandpaper
Paper - I used one of my Original Designs Collage Art Papers
Pencil or marking tool
Rubbing Alcohol
Cotton pads
Damp Rag


1.  Wash and Dry appliance.  If there is a sticky residue, use rubbing alcohol and a cotton pad to remove.  Wash and dry again.

2.  If the appliance has stainless steel or metal, use the sanding block to remove the finish and provide “tooth” for the paper to adhere.
Sand lightly with a sanding block to remove finish

3.  Lay the paper around the appliance in manageable lengths.  Use a pencil or marking tool to mark the area to be trimmed so as to fit the appliance.  Repeat this to cover entire area.
Mark paper around odd shapes or cords in the appliance

Trimmed and ready to apply

4.  With the Mod Podge® decoupage brush, apply Dishwasher safe Mod Podge® to the back of the paper and onto the corresponding area of appliance.  Gently Place paper onto the appliance smoothing it down in one direction; repeat this step until the entire area is covered.

5.  Once the entire area is covered, begin to seal the paper-covered appliance with DW Mod Podge®.  Coat the entire area making sure to smooth out any bubbles or “blobs” of the Mod Podge®.  Let dry for 1 -2 hours and repeat this 3-4 times to build up a strong seal. 

***Use the damp rag to wipe any excess Mod Podge® that may get onto parts of the appliance that is not being covered as you work on covering and sealing the appliance.

Need to smooth out the paper and the bubbles- the brushes
work great here!!

Until next time,  grab something that needs a little TLC and cover it with a little Mod Podge® Love!!


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