Friday, May 29, 2015

Our first Saturday in the Studio -July 18th

Come join me for our first Saturday in the Studio, July 18th

 A walk on the beach inspired wrapped shell and pearl bracelet

ICE RESIN® heart 

A mother of pearl button dangle with glass pearls strung throughout 

ICED Enameled Button for closure 

This bracelet can also be worn as a necklace. 

We will be creating a one of a kind beach inspired hand knotted wrapped bracelet featuring hand picked shells, glass pearls, an ICE RESIN® charm, and an ICED Enamel button as part of the closure. Also learn to create button dangles with wire and mother of pearl buttons.  During our creative time, we will learn the beginning of working with ICE RESIN and  ICED Enamels as well as wire wrapping buttons to create one of a kind dangles.  Handpicked shells and glass pearls will complete this beautiful beach inspired jewelry piece. 

Our Saturday in the Studio will also include a summer inspired lunch to complete our creative afternoon.  All you need to bring is you and a creative spirit and I will supply the rest. 

Date:  Saturday, July 18th
Time:  11:30-2:00 - 
Cost:  $45.00 (lunch and supplies included) 
Place:    2505 Westlake Dr., Rowlett TX  75088
RSVP:  (registration is open until July 7th)

I do hope you will consider joining me for Saturday in the Studio. 

Until next time,  

Blessings from the Beach (We will be there the month of June and  I will be walking and hand selecting your shells for this wonderful jewelry piece!!) 

Monday, May 25, 2015

A treasure trove of ribbons -sharing a few of my favorite Ribbon filled art creations

"Each new day, a gift to be opened, sunrise slowly unties it's ribbon of hope."

I love the anticipation in each new day, the opportunity for good to win, for grace to be extended, for generous hearts to make a burden a little lighter.  I thought that I would share a few of my hope filled ribbon adorned projects.  The little handbag (at the end of the post) was featured in Haute Handbags with the instructions and the inspiration for you to make one that carries meaning and memories.  I've included the article and also what you need to gather and how you can make on.  "Vintage" is a repurposed book front cover, frame molding and a metal drawer pull with ribbon and embroidery.  The tassel represents home and heart and was also featured in Somerset Life (a few issues back).  The  ribbon rosette was for  the grand prize winner for the Christmas Chili Cook off and my Lace and Ribboned Apron features coffee dyed lace and ribbons with hand embroidery.   I hope you enjoy this little picture post as a little hope and love is sent your way tied up with ribbons and bows.

A tribute to vintage elements- an old book cover, frame moldings and a
metal drawer pull softened all by ribbon and hand embroidery
velvet rick rack, pearl button and  a cameo add just enough romance

A  hand dyed and tied  ribbon bow with a vintage rhinestone button
Home is where your heart lives with vintage type keys and
precious birds that adorn the flower topped tassel

Vintage lace and ribbons, hand made tassel
with german glass glitter birds
Ribbon Rosette with sheer and printed ribbon 

Close up of the paper and ribbons blending to create a ribbon delight 
Hand dyed lace and ribbons to create a one of kind apron
vintage buttons, ribbon rosette in the bottom left corner
Manipulated ribbon and beads to create a rosette

Carry Love and Hope with you always.

This handbag was a treasure to make. I had thought of this bag for a while before I made it as I gathered every element the bag began to come to  life and create a memory all of its own.  The following article appeared in Haute Handbag (April 2014).  I've reprinted here for you so that you can make an Immeasurable treasure bag and fill it with your own memories and special days.

Immeasurable Treasures - Hand bag created with ribbons, vintage buttons,
charms, embellishments and printed muslin tags

Close up of some of the embellishments and ribbons 
Handmade printed tags of special days;
beads and ribbon bows all throughout the handbag
Immeasurable Treasures Tag Bag- Haute Handbag April 2014

My life has been filled with blessings, treasures and gifts of family, friendship, grace and faith.  For a long time, I had wanted to create a “tag bag”.  For some reason, I’m drawn to tags whether they are paper, fabric, die cuts, punches, or labels.  I love to put tags on everything.  I am also equally drawn to handbags- small, large, leather, fabric, straw, beaded, handmade, vintage, repurposed—you get the idea.  Combine the love of tags, bags with the love of fabric, lace and embellishments add to it my blessings and the result is Immeasurable Treasures.  The first step in this purse making was the words.  I definitely had a few trial and errors.   I feel that it is good to share what doesn’t work so that one can avoid frustration.  For example, I first stamped each of my children’s names onto twill tape – it was way too large.  Then I went the route of computer-generated words printed on muslin.  This technique worked wonderfully.  Then choosing a few tag dies from my die cutting supplies, I cut the words and the dates (that had been backed with another fabric prior to cutting) to create my first set of tags.  Knowing that I wanted lace and fabric, I decided on a simple blue theme with a sample fabric swatch from a fabric book and hand dyed lace (hem tape) along with dmc pearle cotton and candle wicking thread that was also hand dyed.  Choosing the embellishments were a fun and creative expression of treasures with in the heart.  I chose from scrapbooking elements, beads, crystals, vintage jewelry and metal words.  Using crinkled seam binding, I created the ribbon fringe at the bottom of the bag   To finish the top of the bag, a piece of over dyed lace and 2 vintage buttons were sewn using French knots and embroidery thread.   As one looks through my tag bag, a glimpse of who I am emerges.  Faith, Family, Friendship, Love and Grace– and if you search a little deeper – Texas, which is Home to me.  As I attached each tag, sewed each element I thought of those special days, people and places in my life - truly immeasurable treasures.


*Small canvas bag
*Freezer Paper
*Fabric- small swatch for bag and an 8 ½ by 11 piece of fabric
*Fusible web such as Wonder Under
*Adhesive such as Fabric fusion or E6000
*2 yards of lace and Hem tape
*Ribbon-seam binding for fringe
*Ribbon – for embellishments
*Eyelets, eyelet setter
*Embroidery thread
*Die cutting supplies or tag templates
*Embellishments – beads, buttons, charms, words…
*Lace for top of bag


1. To create the words, cut (do not tear) the muslin and freezer paper to 8 ½ by 11.  Iron the shiny side of freezer paper to the muslin, making sure that the 4 corners are well –ironed and that there are no loose threads.  The freezer paper will stay attached until you gently pull it off once you have printed your words. 

Tip:  Create several sheets of “Muslin” paper to have on hand or if the first one doesn’t print as well as you would like.

2.  In your word document software such as Pages or Microsoft Word, create your word list.  Once created, set your Muslin paper in the computer tray (remove all other paper) and print.  Making sure your muslin is fed so that the printing occurs on the muslin not the freezer paper.

3.  Once printed, remove freezer paper.  Using fusible web and the fabric of your choice, iron it to the muslin words.

4.  Using die-cutting supplies, cut tags.  If you would like, you can cut them free hand or use a paper template.

5.  With eyelet setter and eyelets, attach eyelets to the tags.

 6.  Pin the crinkled seam binding to the bottom of the bag.  Once pinned in place either stitch or adhere with fusible web or fabric adhesive.

7.  With needle and embroidery thread, sew the fabric swatch to the canvas bag at each of the four corners and secure the fabric at the top edge of seam binding fringe.

8.  Begin to make all the dangles.  Thread ribbon, lace or embroidery thread through muslin tags, charms and beads.

9.  Using needle and thread, secure threaded dangles to the top of the bag, vary the widths and the lengths. 

Tip:  Make sure that the word tags face forward.

10.  Once all dangles are attached, manipulate the over dyed lace to create pleats or folds for interest.  Then using embroidery thread, secure lace with French knots and sew large buttons on each corner going through the canvas. 

Tip:  When choosing embellishments, if there is one that is the focal point – such as “Grace” in my tag bag, have it dangle longer than the purse.

Thank you so much for your time in reading this post.  I hope you'll be inspired to bring hope into your day and ribbon into your art!!

May ribbons of blessing be around you today!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Create Dream-like Druze inspired Stones with ICE RESIN® and German Glass Glitter

Dream like Druze Stones with German Glass Glitter and ICE RESIN®

Recently, I had the pleasure of making 25 necklaces for a group of wonderful girls.  Yes, it was a pleasure!! What made it so was that I was able to create the druze-appearance with beautiful and brilliant colors of German Glass Glitter and ICE RESIN®.  These inspired Druzes are reminiscent of the real Druze stone in "which a thin layer of quartz crystals covering a host stone." (courtesy of  

And of course the pleasure is all mine  when working with ICE RESIN® - the clear glass like look can set the glitter as an adhesive dripped in the bottom of the bezel or once the german glass glitter is poured, you can add ICE RESIN® to seal it.  The colors of the glass glitter are incredibly vivd and create a colorful addition to any jewelry piece. Also with ICE RESIN German Glass Glitter, there are no shards or sharp edges which is great for wearable art!!Finishing the bezels with a wire wrapped bead and seam binding for the "Chain" brought the look together. Here are the simple steps to make these dreamy necklaces - All supplies for the Druze- like stones can be found here at ICE RESIN


Metal Bezel
German Glass Glitter (color of choice)
disposable brush, small cup
wooden stirrer
wire (18 gauge)
glass beads of your choice
complimentary color of seam binding or chain
round nose pliers
flush cutters


1.  Mix small amount of ICE RESIN® (for one bezel).  Pour equal parts of A &B and gently stir for 2 minutes. Then let sit for 5 Minutes. I made them all at one setting so I mixed a larger amount. 

2.  Once the resin is ready, drip (using the sitrrer) a few drops to the base of bezel.  Pour glitter into the bezel and tap down with the dry end of stirrer or another one.  

3.  Let set for at least 6 hours.  I like to do mine overnight. 

4.  One dry,  the bezel is ready to be finished or if you would like to seal them, you can add ICE RESIN® and fill the bezel.  Once again, let dry 8-12 hours.
Which color is your favorite???
5.  To create a wire drop bead dangle, 
*cut a piece of wire based on your bead size and how long you would like your drop to be.  
*Then, using round nose pliers, create a small curl with one end of wire.
*Thread glass bead on to wire and then slip into the ring on your bezel. 
*Now with excess wire, wrap to secure it on the bezel

6.  Add seam binding or a chain and your necklace is complete

I hope you'll take the time to create a Dream-like Druze inspired necklace.  It is always my pleasure to share a little joy in the journey. 

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Willow Hearts Mother/Daughter Tea

Annual Mother/Daughter Willow Hearts Tea

Willow Hearts is our girls group that I have led for the past 2 1/2 years.  This group of girls and their mothers have become so special to my daughter, Presleigh and me that it is hard to put in to words.  We meet twice a month and do something different every time.  From the food we eat, to the games we play or the art we create, it always revolves around God's love for us and how we in our own ways love others.  We also have a few traditions that we do from year to year.  There is a costume party in October, a service project in November,  Secret Santa in December, For the Love of Chocolate in February, and in March, a Paint and Pizza day where we put out paint and all different kind of substrates and let them go "Picasso" with their creativity.  But my favorite tradition is our annual Mother/Daughter Tea and the tea cup gift swap (each mother/daughter/grandmother brings a wrapped tea cup to give) that is held at the end of April.   It is a time where the girls and their moms don dresses, hats and for a little while the phones are put away and we slow down the pace of life.  Presleigh and I set the tables with our glass punch plates, our collection of tea cups and fresh flowers.  We eat scones, fancy tea sandwiches, pastries and sip tea-hot or cold.  Following our time at the table, we then draw numbers and receive the coordinating gift bag and we open the tea cups one at a time.  There are many ooh's and aah's and smiles on everyone's face.   Then as with our Texas heat, the girls change and jump into the pool  and swim for a bit while the mommas visit and have the much needed break from everyday life.  This year one of our girls took the most incredible pictures of our Tea Time and I wanted to share with everyone just how wonderful my Willow Hearts girls are....
It's beginning to look like TEA TIME 

The gift table..

The tables are set...

The menus, fresh flowers and conversation spoons

Grandmother, Mother and 4 daughters

Mother and Daughter 

My mother and my daughter




Tea Cups everywhere!

The Tea cup exchange is underway 

My Willow Hearts girls


Tea cup giving 
Mothers and Grandmothers

Clowning around

After Tea Swimming
Presleigh wearing a vintage dress and hat!

Until next time,  Slow down the pace of life and enjoy a cup of tea.  As I shared with the moms and daughters on Thursday, I would like to share this quote with you and thank each you for taking the time to read my blog and encouraging me by your kind words.  

"If I had one gift that I Could give you, my friend, it would be that ability to see yourself as others see you, because only then would you know how extremely special you are."
                                                -B.A. Billingsly