Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A story to be told

It’s raining. It’s pouring and no I am not snoring. I am actually home – which is rare. Perhaps my errands can wait for a while, my running here and there and seeming always to end up at Walmart. But today is different, perhaps it’s the grayness or the sound of rain that has kept me in or perhaps it’s the need to be where I can look through each room, each pile, each paper, and recall that I am blessed. I have a place to which my children love to be, where my husband comes home to each week after being gone, where I feel safe and loved.

I stopped in the middle of my “cleaning” and thought I would write a bit…it’s been awhile. What really prompted me was Presleigh’s room. Some might see her room as a bit full...full of stuffed animals that have been lovingly chosen, full of trinkets from places we’ve been such as London, Florida, California and of course those wonderful garage sales and treasure stores. They may see an abundance of papers, pictures, notebooks, that they may think to throw away. Believe it or not, I do think that at times but today as I was picking up little bits of paper and such, I read one of the stories that Presleigh had written. A treasure to be kept not a scrap to be tossed.You see, she is a creative soul, always looking, thinking, dreaming, writing, asking, searching, and believing. Believing in her abilities, in her imagination, in the possibilities, the limitless nature of God. Of course, she is only nine. My older children at times, want to shush her or at the very least, just roll their eyes and look at me. My response has and always will be – “You once were like that.” But then I think to myself, “ I once was like that.”

What changes? What happens to us as we leave those wonder years where everything is a wonder, a dream, a possibility. What is it about a child that captures the essence of who we should be?

As I ponder these thoughts and so many others, I can’t help but think that like Presleigh, we have a story that is waiting to be told…A story that encompasses so much more than we realize. Our story is of one who was lost and has been found, a story of limitless possibilities to those that believe in the Mighty One of Jacob, the Lord. “For with God, nothing is impossible." (Luke).A story of pure redemption, where nothing in our past is held against us, for those that have received forgiveness. Our future is bright – for the one who lights our path, lights the day with the sun and the moon and stars by night. Our story can be new each day just as his mercies are new.

Presleigh writes several stories a day. They are inspired by what is happening at school, what she is reading, what she is experiencing, even where she is in her walk with the Lord. Her stories give me a glimpse into her very being. Her writings are so precious to me…she is precious to me. It is almost time to get back to her room but I do have just one question for you, for me........What is your story? Remember, you are precious in his sight....Go ahead dear one and begin writing your story as you live in the daily. Your story is worth reading.