Friday, September 14, 2012

Spray it with Paint!

I found this dresser at my local treasure store and the price tag was $19.98. ( I had already  removed the top two drawers and started painting before I took my "before" picture).  That sounds like a good deal but it gets even better.  I had my 50% off coupon good on Wednesdays and guess what?  It was Wednesday!!  This dresser was a steal at less than $10!! 

Before the magic....
How unfortunate that someone had left something that made water rings/stains. So I knew that sanding would be involved but for $10 who minds a little exercise.
water stains on the top of the dresser.

Originally it was to be put in our den so I knew it needed to be black.  I wasn't sure that I wanted to use a high priced paint such as the incredible Annie Sloan but I knew that it might need primer.  So a trip to my local Walmart proved to be invaluable.  The saying at my house is that "No matter where I go, I end up at Walmart."  So on one of my many daily weekly trips, I stopped by the paint aisle and found Dual spray paint with primer--at less than $5 a can, I grabbed 3!!  This was to be a trial project - so if it worked, I could do more furniture redo's -if it didn't I was only out $25 and a little time.  To begin, I sprayed the drawers, the paint covered so incredibly well that I moved onto the dresser - I actually cleaned the dresser first and only sanded a little bit because with primer in the paint - who needs to get out the sand paper, the rags, the mask - just kidding about the mask - but sanding is a messy job and I didn't want to do it.  This project required a little less than 3 cans (so I am going around to see what else needs to be sprayed- I think I am addicted).  It was quick and easy and it looks likes like incredible in my dining room - Yes it was originally for the den but it was a little big.  Now it holds my table linens and most of my vintage tablecloths and aprons...I also faux finished the handles to look rusted and worn.  The lace doilies and my collection of teacups and china party plates contrast the stark black and gives it a softness.

The key to using the spray paint is light even spraying while moving back and forth across your surface- Sometimes when using spray paint we forget and keep the can pointed in the same place and spraying with a heavy hand (all the force we have).  Result -globs, drips,.. If you move across your surface while spraying with a light hand you will achieve a uniformed look while getting great coverage.
Faux finish on drawer knobs

Tea anyone?

I am in love with spray paint- Easy, Quick and Fantastic Results!!  Future forecast:  More spraying!!

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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Monday, September 3, 2012


The day we left to take Savannah to ACU!

A sister is a forever friend.
  ~Author Unknown