Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Join me on the ICE RESIN® Blog for the do's and don'ts of sealing paper for this unique Victorious Woman necklace

Victorious Woman necklace
Today on the ICE RESIN blog, I'll be sharing my latest project with tips of the importance of sealing vintage and speciality papers in order to get a great finished piece.  This necklace is made with papers from the early 1900's.  It was fun and challenging....Take a look and see the 3 attempts to get this necklace just right...I became the Victorious woman!!!

Attempts #1, #2 and finally #3!!!

 Until next time,  Happy Tuesday!!


Thursday, November 5, 2015

Handmade Holiday Blog Hop begins tomorrow, November 6th...Incredible projects, inspirations and prizes to be won!!

 Bonjour Necklace featuring ICE RESIN® and Graphic 45 Papers
Bonjour,  Joyeux Thanksgiving et Joyeux Noel!! 

I am so happy you have joined us on our Handmade Holiday Blog Hop.... I know that Halloween has just passed and Thanksgiving is a few weeks away but in the Handmade world, it's never too early to start planning and creating our one of a kind, truly heartfelt Holiday and Christmas gifts for our family, friends, teachers...everyone on our list!!

For the details of this project (available on the 7th) and many more on this blog hop, visit the ICE RESIN blog.

Take a few moments to visit the blogs that are celebrating Handmade this year with creative projects and inspiration from November 6-8th.  There is even $600 worth of prizes and over 80 projects to get you ready for the holidays and those on your gift giving list- Let's go Handmade this year and take the stress out of finding a place to park, the long lines and the perfect gift.  Giving handmade is also giving a little piece of your heart to those that fill your heart with love. I hope you enjoy this Handmade Holiday....Until next time,


Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Create your own ribbon winders with the new French General dies from Sizzix

Thread winders created with My own speciality papers and the French General Die from Sizzix
  Oh, la, la...I love the new dies from Sizzix created by Kari Meng of French General   With her inspiration drawn from France along with the fabrics, notions and more, these dies help us keep things in order but at the same time are beautiful to create.  Combining my love of paper, sewing, and die-cutting--(Yes, that is a love of mine!), these little thread/ribbon winders as well as the other dies in this line from Sizzix are perfect for all my sewing needs.

To create these little cuties, I took a plain manilla folder (to add stability) and my own speciality papers (use could use any papers that you like), and cut one from the manilla folder and two from the papers. With the die, you actually cut all 4 of the shapes at once and you can cut up to 5 sheets of paper at a time....this is a fast project.  Once all have been cut, use your choice of adhesive to adhere the 3 together.  I chose to use my Xyron as it again was a fast fix and created an assembly line type of project.  It just a short time, I had 40 of these ready to be used...They are beautiful at the same time of functional - as it should be.

Until next time, Take a few moments to turn the ordinary into a thing of beauty....
Velvet Ribbon wound around the winder.  

Silk Ribbon as well as threads wound perfectly. 
*I am not compensated for this post.  This is just something I wanted to share with you*

Friday, October 16, 2015

Treasure Hunting - Part 2 of Our Fall Road Trips

Marburger Farms

One of many fields of hidden treasures

Aprons blowing in the breeze - a simpler time

Doesn't that make you just breathe a little slower? Relax a bit more...Country Life!

We've been back for a week now and I'm still trying to catch up.  Catching up is like shoveling the driveway while it's still snowing. As you are catching up on laundry, emails, calls, putting away and tidying up, there are new emails coming, laundry was waiting for you, other things get taken out and new classes and events to prepare for and the to do list continues...in the midst of the all this, I am so blessed!!! To have been able to teach in Minnesota, meet face to face my Facebook friends, share creativity and laughter, to have been able to spend 5 days antiquing through the Hill Country with my youngest daughter and my sister, to share in a part of history and see things that my grandmother would have used,  ---and of course realizing now, I am part of history as I see things I used to use!!

We truly had an amazing time in Round Top and the surrounding little towns.  This has been a family tradition since 2000 when my mom and I took off for a girl's weekend and left at the time.  Now my youngest daughter and I take off 2 times a year and enjoy the treasures along the way.  This year, I found a myriad of treasures from rusty little bits, old Texas History publications, jewelry (always, jewelry), a little china to add my to collection, a few vintage dressed and some wonderful grain sacks.  And of course ledgers, vintage papers and ribbons...my list is a little longer but I think you get the idea- it's a treasure paradise if you know where to look....
A Chocolate Cream Cheese Kolache- Incredible!!!

The bakery case - "I'll have one of each, please."

We enjoyed Weikel's Bakery every morning with the most amazing kolaches and the best Cafe del Olla coffee!!! The sweet gal behind the Bakery case knew our order before we said it...True small town hospitality. Our first morning we head to La Bahia - some of the greatest treasures are there.  Then on to Carmine where 2 sides of the highway are filled with tents and fields of new, used, vintage and antique everything.  I found French paperbacks from the 1940's for my mom.
Our sweet friend, Traci.  She wears a different vintage outfit each day!! 

We have  treasured friends that have several booths in Cole's antique mall and we spend 2 hours just at there booth catching up and of course shopping! Marburger is a definite stop for us-- it's a great history lesson and we love to find a few of our favorite vendors there. Then it's on to the Texas Rose fields where we find the best Rosemary Chicken Salad and monster Chocolate Chip Cookies.

We spend several days in the fields of Warrenton and visit our favorite vendors, eateries and try out new places as well.  Each evening when we return to our hotel, we lay out the treasures and see what was the theme of the day - sometimes it's old letters and books, rusty bits and baubles to repurpose, vintage clothes, fabric, patterns or just about anything that strikes our fancy.  Here are a few pictures of a few of our treasures from this trip.
Presleigh's great find of the day!!

Have a few ideas for these little bits.  Love the patina on the metal!1

I see ICE RESIN casting in the future for the hardware picture. And what about the thermos??

I'm not sure what these are but they are great!!
Wire and Metal - perhaps the next jewelry inspiration is here!
When our trip is winding down and we head home, we realize that the true treasure was being together and sharing time with family and friends.  Our reservations are made for the Spring and we look forward to more creating more memories that we will treasure for a life time. But for now, we will treasure today and those who are in our lives at this very moment.  And perhaps, find a little time to create with these new 'old' finds.  Until next time, finding joy in the journey...

I hope your cup is filled to overflowing with blessings to give to others.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Fabulous Fall Road Trip Part 1 -Bella Crafts Connections

Flying into Minnesota - looks a little different than Texas

I had the privilege of joining an incredible group of teachers and enthusiastic students/participants at the Bella Crafts Connections Art Event in the Mall of America (Bloomington, Minnesota).  Thank you to Ann, Lisa and Theresa for their hard work, dedication and vision for this wonderful weekend.  Here are a few pictures of this great time that was filled with art, friendships- old and new, laughter and great memories. Watch for details for next year's event and make plans to join us!!!

Leaving DFW - My husband and youngest daughter came with me!!

Caribou Coffee - LOVE!!!

You are REALLY GOOD!!!

Went to the Sea Life Aquarium (In the MALL!!)


Yes, that's a tunnel- the sharks swam right over us!!

Beginning to set up for the Bella Market

New Friend, LeAnn with her beautiful wrapped bracelet!

Love the Messy tables!

Working together to create paper bead dangles 

A little blurry - but oh such fun!! Such sweet ladies!!

Creating is such fun!!

My share pile for creating collage tags 

Beth  sewing paper with my tiny Janome sewing machine...

We were able to spend some time with my nephew and my niece (his wife) while in Minnesota!!!

So part two begins today...My youngest and I head to the Hill Country of Texas for 5 days of treasure hunting in Round Top and surrounding little towns.  Stay tuned for all of our finds and inspirations that I hope will be added to our art studio for Saturdays in the Studio, Tag Art Tuesday and give all of us a little joy in the journey.... Until next time, 


Upcoming Workshops

October 13 - Tag Art Tuesday- Fall inspirations
November 7th - Saturday in the Studio - Decoupage with vintage papers and a patina finish
December 8th - Tag Art Tuesday 

Stay tuned for some upcoming special events....

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Minnesota Here We Come...Bella Crafts Connections

We are off to the Mall of America for the Bella Crafts Connections Art Event!!  It will be an incredible weekend with Art Workshops from an amazing cast of teachers, a market that will be unique to the artists/teachers and vendors....and we are coming early to shop a little (or a lot), go the Sea Life Aquarium (which I believe is underneath the mall- Who knew??) and then shop a little (or a lot) more.  When we are not shopping- I will be teaching 3 workshops on Friday and participating in the Bella Market throughout the weekend.  I am beyond excited to meet wonderful kindred spirits who love to learn, create and share their talents.

Oh and if for some reason, I miss my plane on Sunday night, it's probably because I was shopping a little (or a lot) more....Until next time,  I'm headed to the Mall.

Finding Joy in the Journey!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Minnesota here we come...getting ready for Bella Crafts Connections

In just 2 weeks,  We (3 out of 5) will leave for a wonderful art-filled weekend where I will be teaching 3 workshops for the Bella Crafts Connections Art Event.  It is to be held at the Mall of America in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  So in addition to all the art goodness, this will be a shopping heaven!! We have always wanted to go there!! So are you surprised that my youngest daughter (9th grade) is coming to be my assistant? ---- and then on Saturday, she and her daddy (yes, Scott is coming as it is our 29th wedding anniversary on the 27th) will have their 2nd annual IPD (International Presleigh Day)- It is where she and her daddy shop till she drops, have a special lunch and create memories of just the 2 of them!!!

Back to the Art Event, this will be an incredible weekend with such amazing teachers and workshops.  I am busy putting together kits for the workshops and creating jewelry pieces for the vendor market as well as wonderful unique art supplies such as ICE RESIN® paper, genuine hen feathers and more. I love putting together kits for each of my students but at the same time, I am always wondering if they'll like what I have put in so I always bring more choices.

In fact, some could say that I always offer choices.  Once when our son, who is now 25 years old, was around 2 1/2, we were visiting my grandmother.  She was putting out lunch-- ham sandwiches, chips, etc.  And I turned to Morgan and asked him "Mustard or Mayonnaise? Peaches or Apples?"  Then I asked "Which kind of chips would you like?" and he responded to all of the choices but then I asked him "Do you want Coke, Sprite or Juice?"  And his reply was "Momma, there are too many choices, you choose!!" Yes, in life there can be too many choices....Choosing between good and evil - Easy!  Choosing between better and best - a little less easy.  Choosing between good and good- HARD!! It's like asking would you like a chocolate chip cookie or a brownie? And I would like to answer yes!!

For me, arts and crafts are the chocolate chip cookies and brownies of life.  It's too hard to pick one, so I try and love all!! So when I head to our UPS store, I won't be surprised by the number of boxes to be mailed to Minnesota or that my suitcases  may have less clothes and more shall we say - choices!!  If you can join this event, there is still time and yes, there are still so many choices (of workshops)!!!

Here's a few pictures of the preparations underway.  Until next time, finding joy in the journey and in the wonderful choices we have in daily living---

Savannah playing with fire - oh I mean creating head pins...

LOVE making my own head pins!!

Kits for my Creating Backgrounds workshop 

A treasure find that I 'll have at the market 

More treasures....

Hope to see U there!!!

For  more information on the event, click here.