Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Joy of Journaling Lists – Two Words

There are many books on lists, making lists,  the top 100 lists, specific lists, a list on how to make lists…all of which are good.  I would like to share with you a simple way to add to your journaling or even to begin journaling.  When I was teaching a Creative writing class, we would do brainstorming in our journals.  It was uncensored, free thinking and I would limit the words to a few, like two.  We didn’t have to think of grammar, the sentence police or write with complete thoughts…they were truly lists of our first thoughts, first instincts, those first ripples in the river that create even more ripples…and then the beauty of fluid thoughts leap off the page into a grandeur picture of what is on our hearts.

Each morning, I take a few moments to write in my gratitude journal.  It is a simple notebook from Target simply titled Notes with the months and the dates listed at the top of each page and you circle the appropriate Month and the corresponding date.  Each day, it starts the same…

“I am grateful for…”

I skip two lines and begin to write to the last line of the page.  Sometimes my entries are filled with sentences; paragraphs-  but more often then not, they are lists.   Limiting words, or areas of my life can help me focus on that which I have to be truly grateful—my lists could be endless but my favorites are the two word lists…it gets me thinking of powerful words, feeling, people and even places. 

Here is my journal from today…

“I am grateful for…”

This morning
Lovely evenings
Hearts changing
Thoughts shared
Tears shed
Feelings explained
Healing words
Hugs given
New days
Unfamiliar routes
Road trips
Safe havens
Fresh starts
Happy endings
Journal writing
Mind’s wandering
Hands recording
Love’s story
God’s story
Unending Mercy
Generous Grace
Jesus’ sacrifice
Perfect redemption
Sharing Lives
Soul restoration
Hope eternal
Unlimited promise....

I could see a pattern in my words, the thoughts that came out of where my heart is and who I am thinking of.  You can do this 2 word lists for almost any area of your life.  From light hearted things like Favorite foods… list would begin  like this..

Good Coffee
French bread
Eurpoean butter
Fresh eggs
Dark chocolate....

To the power of friendship…my list would start with...

Share Burdens
Celebrate Victories
Listen intently
Cry together
Laugh together....

The focus of just two little words can become light-hearted, thought- filled, or perhaps, fill your heart's reservoir.  If you  are new to journaling and would like to begin ....or if you have written for years and perhaps seem to be stuck, in a rut or out of words, you only need two little words to get you started… Begin Now.


Until next time,  Sending Love!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Phoenix + Art+Friends+Creativation = A happy He{art}

It's January and for the Craft and Hobby Industry-it's a new year!!! A new year that will begin with  creative inspiration mixed with creative people and creative new products- IT'S Creativation (formerly CHA). Last year, in Los Angeles,  I was able to attend for the first time and it was jaw dropping, eye opening and heart fluttering- when the whole convention center was filled with creativity!!  This  year, it will be in Phoenix and I am sure it will be just as exciting  with new creativity and new inspiration...Also this year, I will be at the ICE Resin® Booth under the big Ranger® sign....I'll be sharing the love of ICE Resin® and all that goes with it....there will be new products that you will just absolutely fall in love with...I already have...I was able to create a few projects for the booth using some of the new products...YOU are going to have so much fun creating your one of kind jewelry pieces, cast embellishments and playing with paper is so fun with ICE Resin®...If you're at the show, please stop by and say Hi and let's create something together.

Susan Lenart Kazmer - What an incredible artist with an
amazing heart!!!

Creativation will also be a wonderful reunion of my art friends...I can't wait to connect with design team members, friends, kindred spirits..and of course, to meet new friends that will become treasured friends through this great experience...
Susan, Susan and Me- Design Teammates and also, friends

We love John Creighton Peterson --Can't wait to see him again!
The incomparable Jen Cushman!! Love her!!!

Classes and Workshops are held during the 4 days - this was
last year's class on Casting with ICE Resin®

I hope you'll follow along this journey with me...I'll be posting on Facebook and hopefully here on the blog as well...Starting the 21st, I'll show pictures of the new projects that I made for this special event that will hang in the ICE Resin® booth....Until next time, I hope your journey is filled with creative, he{art}filled days...


Friday, December 23, 2016

I am a Maker©

I  am a maker© 

Sometimes I think I should be like those who do one thing. You know like only quilt, only scrapbook or only exercise or only cook or only----.

Sometimes I think I should be like those who are minimalists, those whose have only one decorating style or those who choose to get books from the library as opposed to having a library at home.

Sometimes it's hard to explain who we are especially if we are not the same as everybody else. Sometimes it's hard to understand others or even ourselves.

Sometimes I struggle. Sometimes I am embarrassed that my studio, as one little girl said " Is this a store?" I think she was ready to shop.

Sometimes.... but not most of the time.

Most of the time I remember that we are not meant to be the same.

Most of the time I remember that we are all blest with talents, abilities, gifts and personalities.

Most of the time I remember that I love all things creative

Most of the time I remember that while my studio looks like a store it is truly a place that the inspiration (and supplies) are is free and it is open for all to come and create.

Most of the time I remember that I am a maker.  

A maker of an inviting home.

 A maker of meals in a warm kitchen. 

A maker of pretty things to inspire, to wear, to have.

A maker of family and friendships.

  A maker of a joyful life.

Most of the time I remember that I am a maker and that is how the Lord, the maker of heaven and of earth, made me. 

And by the way He made you, too!!

So if sometimes, you're like me and think about who you are and who you should be.... most of time, you're exactly as you should be!!! You are perfectly you!!!

Until next time,  Make the most of each day!!

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Candle Cover ups - a quick holiday gift idea

I love candles.  the scent, the flame that flickers softly and the beautiful jars that they come in.  However, what I do not like are the labels that are that strongest stickers ever.  it ruins the beautiful ambience when you see $3.99 on the jar or where it was purchased...So I have decided rather than to fight the sticker, I'll just leave it there and then cover it with beautiful paper, ribbon and little floral touches or holiday sentiments. Using hot glue for the elements and a paper adhesive such as Mod Podge or the Xyron adhesive.  This is perfect for any occasion but here is mine that sits by the sink,..oh so much prettier than the price...

Holly, ribbon and a red velvet flower adorn this jar. 

Choose paper that fits the theme and then die cut a desired shape.
I like to adhere mine with the xyron machine adhesive.
Until next time,  Hope your home is filled with the scents of the season....

All Wired Up - featured on the ICE Resin® Blog

all wired up

One of my favorite symbols is the heart - even though it doesn't resemble our actual heart (thank goodness) it does represent balance, beauty, wholeness and unconditional love.  For my latest project on the ICE Resin® blog, I show how to repurpose all those thin, wire bangle bracelets into beautiful wired hearts that are touched with ICE Resin® and beautiful German glass glitter.  then the finishing is up to you..but be warned you will fall in love with these hearts and soon you'll be all wired up!!!

Until next time, sending you hearts full of love....

Hearts full of love!

Friday, November 18, 2016

Time for love -an art journaling project with Gauche Alchemy

Happy November!! It's been a little while since I posted here on my blog...I hope to get back into a weekly routine or at least every other week. You can always follow me on fb and Instagram for the latest happenings with me:). But today, over at Gauche Alchemy, I have a mixed media project for your art journaling pages. I hope you'll take a look here for inspiration along with a few tips and techniques for mixed media.

Until next time, make time for love!!

Monday, September 5, 2016

Fall is when nature turns to Gold and Target has great $ bins for fall stamps

Changing Colors 

When the calendar flips over and September begins, it seems as if everyone is wishing for cooler temperatures, crisp mornings and the smell of apples and pumpkins lingering in the air.  For those of us in Texas, we still have a whole lot of summer left.  But at least one can dream... in colors of deep reds, subtle browns and harvest gold’s. 

I have a stamp that reads as the title of this post… “Fall is when nature to Gold”.  I have used this sentiment for the first project today.  Along with an original stamp of mine (Jar seal) this note card is filled with fall colors and fall (wood) leaves that have been inked, embossed and an added  touch of glitter.  I love to use the shimmer stamp pads such as the Delicata stamps in the metallic shades.  Not only on the paper but this ink can be used on the leaves as well.  Follow the ink with a sealer.  Layering the paper gives is depth and stability.  I like to display these cards so that is important to me.  Adding the Ribbon and leaves finished the card with soft, subtle shades of fall.
Fall is in the air and in my studio...
And along with fall and the changing of the colors comes PSL (pumpkin spice latte), Fall M&M’s and the $bins at target filled with crafty goodness for just mere dollars…Of course by the time I buy every copper tag, stamp set….the dollars could be a little bit more than just a few dollars but it’s all worth it for the sake of fall.  The $3 stamp sets are always in my cart.  These little stamps are gems, tiny treasures to add to our stamp collection…but if I put them in a drawer, I will forget I have them until sometime mid April and I exclaim “Oh that’s where I put them.”  So for several years now, I create holiday stamp or special collection stamp jars.  Depending on the quantity and size of the stamps will determine my container whether is should be a glass jar or a flea market find coffee cup.  Then I begin to stamp small tags indicating what is in this special collection.  When all has been stamped, I add ribbon, the tag and a little embellishment.  Sometimes it is a paper flower, metal charm or my favorite- seashells!

 I hope you enjoy these little “fall” starters.  Below is a little more detail on each project.  Until next time, this might be the inspiration you need to move from the Summer Heat to the Freshness of Fall.

Gather- Fall Note card,

Manila Folder
Cardstock – choice of colors
Stamps – sentiment, fall theme
Inks – Delicata (metallic), other colors of choice
Wood leaves (Hobby Lobby) 
Sealer – such as Mod Podge
Paper Adhesive, Glue Gun, glue sticks

*Cut manila folder to desired size.  Stamp background image such as leaves in a random fashion.  Cut each layer of cardstock a little smaller and layer in desired pattern.

*Stamp focal stamp on the top layer.  Create a mask of this image so you can add the leaves or desired image around the focal stamp.

*Stamp sentiment in the middle of focal image.  Ink edges of card with a soft brown such as Chestnut Roan by Color Box.

*Ink the leaves with various colors from the inkpads.  Let dry or use a heat gun.

*On the leaves, brush on sealer.  Let dry.

*Cut Ribbon and tie around card.  Use a little adhesive to adhere the ribbon if needed.

*Using glue gun, adhere the leaves to the card. 

It is now ready to be displayed on an easel, given as a card or added to an art journal.

Love this raised "dot" jar with my new Fall stamps...
Holiday or Specialty collection stamp Jars.


Small stamp set (mine were from Target, these can be from anywhere)
Jar, cup or container of choice
Tags – sized for your stamp collection
Ink – color of choice
Eyelets and Eyelet setter
Adhesive – I use the glue gun for attaching some of the embellisments.

*Select desired container
* With the ink and tags, stamp desired number of images from the stampset
* Using an eyelet setter, set eyelets in the tags.
*Add Ribbon to the container
* String the tag onto the ribbon and knot the ribbon.
*Add desired embellishments with glue if needed.