Monday, September 5, 2016

Fall is when nature turns to Gold and Target has great $ bins for fall stamps

Changing Colors 

When the calendar flips over and September begins, it seems as if everyone is wishing for cooler temperatures, crisp mornings and the smell of apples and pumpkins lingering in the air.  For those of us in Texas, we still have a whole lot of summer left.  But at least one can dream... in colors of deep reds, subtle browns and harvest gold’s. 

I have a stamp that reads as the title of this post… “Fall is when nature to Gold”.  I have used this sentiment for the first project today.  Along with an original stamp of mine (Jar seal) this note card is filled with fall colors and fall (wood) leaves that have been inked, embossed and an added  touch of glitter.  I love to use the shimmer stamp pads such as the Delicata stamps in the metallic shades.  Not only on the paper but this ink can be used on the leaves as well.  Follow the ink with a sealer.  Layering the paper gives is depth and stability.  I like to display these cards so that is important to me.  Adding the Ribbon and leaves finished the card with soft, subtle shades of fall.
Fall is in the air and in my studio...
And along with fall and the changing of the colors comes PSL (pumpkin spice latte), Fall M&M’s and the $bins at target filled with crafty goodness for just mere dollars…Of course by the time I buy every copper tag, stamp set….the dollars could be a little bit more than just a few dollars but it’s all worth it for the sake of fall.  The $3 stamp sets are always in my cart.  These little stamps are gems, tiny treasures to add to our stamp collection…but if I put them in a drawer, I will forget I have them until sometime mid April and I exclaim “Oh that’s where I put them.”  So for several years now, I create holiday stamp or special collection stamp jars.  Depending on the quantity and size of the stamps will determine my container whether is should be a glass jar or a flea market find coffee cup.  Then I begin to stamp small tags indicating what is in this special collection.  When all has been stamped, I add ribbon, the tag and a little embellishment.  Sometimes it is a paper flower, metal charm or my favorite- seashells!

 I hope you enjoy these little “fall” starters.  Below is a little more detail on each project.  Until next time, this might be the inspiration you need to move from the Summer Heat to the Freshness of Fall.

Gather- Fall Note card,

Manila Folder
Cardstock – choice of colors
Stamps – sentiment, fall theme
Inks – Delicata (metallic), other colors of choice
Wood leaves (Hobby Lobby) 
Sealer – such as Mod Podge
Paper Adhesive, Glue Gun, glue sticks

*Cut manila folder to desired size.  Stamp background image such as leaves in a random fashion.  Cut each layer of cardstock a little smaller and layer in desired pattern.

*Stamp focal stamp on the top layer.  Create a mask of this image so you can add the leaves or desired image around the focal stamp.

*Stamp sentiment in the middle of focal image.  Ink edges of card with a soft brown such as Chestnut Roan by Color Box.

*Ink the leaves with various colors from the inkpads.  Let dry or use a heat gun.

*On the leaves, brush on sealer.  Let dry.

*Cut Ribbon and tie around card.  Use a little adhesive to adhere the ribbon if needed.

*Using glue gun, adhere the leaves to the card. 

It is now ready to be displayed on an easel, given as a card or added to an art journal.

Love this raised "dot" jar with my new Fall stamps...
Holiday or Specialty collection stamp Jars.


Small stamp set (mine were from Target, these can be from anywhere)
Jar, cup or container of choice
Tags – sized for your stamp collection
Ink – color of choice
Eyelets and Eyelet setter
Adhesive – I use the glue gun for attaching some of the embellisments.

*Select desired container
* With the ink and tags, stamp desired number of images from the stampset
* Using an eyelet setter, set eyelets in the tags.
*Add Ribbon to the container
* String the tag onto the ribbon and knot the ribbon.
*Add desired embellishments with glue if needed.