Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Simply stamped and simply stunning

Recently I was mailing a few aprons and needed tags for the wrapped packages.  Needing something cute but quick- I turned to a few favorite supplies.  When I am pressed for time, the results can be quite wonderful and the time crunch helps me to realize that not everything has to be over the top, filled to the brim, covered from corner to corner.  Sometimes Most of the time - The simple things in life are the best things....It's ok to be simple, simply stated, simply stamped  and simply stunning.  Here are a few pictures of the finished tags  with the  "how to's" and the simple supplies.  I hope you enjoy this idea and always remember to enjoy the simple things in life for one day when you look back they will have been the big things (btw--I have that trustworthy saying on a stamp:).....

Gather Supplies

*Small shipping tags
*Vintage library cards
*Tag punch - I used the fiskars tag for this project.  It punches the thicker card stock with ease.
*Stazon ink (black)
*Colorbox ink (Chestnut Roan)
*Stamp of your choice 
*Paper Roses with floral stems
*Craft adhesive 
*Hole punch
*Ribbon or Rickrack.

small shipping tags, card catalog tags, stamps, rick rack and paper roses.

How to.....

1.  Using the fiskars tag punch, punch tags from the library card.
2.  Ink stamp with Stazon and stamp image on all tags
3.  Using chestnut roan, ink the edges of the tags.
4.  At the top of the library card tags, punch hole for rickrack or ribbon
5.  To create the curly stems, use a small skewer or dowel and wrap the stem around it several times to create the curly cues...I just love this!!

Here are the curly cues made with a larger dowel and wrapped heavy gauge wire

6.  Using adhesive, glue the flower to the tag, do not glue the stem.  Allow to dry.
***Tip:  If when the image was stamped there happened to be a smudge--use the flower to hide this little oops--I'm not claiming or denying any such oops in my tags--I'm just sayin'
7.  When dry, cut desired length of rickrack and slip it through the holes of the tag and then tie a knot.  ***Option 2..use Tim Holtz's tiny attacher for the rick rack and staple through the layers and then it will lay flat.  

Simple but stunning--when I look at these tags- I just get happy..perhaps it's the colors, the vintage cards and rickrack or perhaps I know that  these took me about 10 minutes and they were perfectly paired with my Aprons!  Whatever the reasons- I just love simple!!! Now it's your turn, let's link  your simple and stunning projects...