Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Annie Sloan redo....

I recently (well not recently, actually about 2 months ago) bought a wooden magazine holder for $1.98. at one of my favorite treasure stores. However, it was definitely dated and did not suit my decorating style. It has sat in the garage for awhile and as I passed it, I knew what I wanted to do but just didn't find the time or rather make the time. Here is the before picture....

It was barn red with Noah's ark on both sides...Now I do love Noah and the wonderful promise we receive from that Biblical event...but nonetheless, it did not go with our den. So with several days at home (in a row-that's the key), I gathered Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (Old Ochre), brushes, rags, the dark wax and began to transform Noah and the animals into a great magazine holder.

I have refinished many furniture pieces through the long process of stripping, sanding, priming and then painting, varnish, gloss or wax finishing. However, Annie Sloan paint is all the rage, so I wanted to try it on something smaller before I venture to a coffee table that is waiting in the garage...I am here to say that --IT IS AWESOME!! Two coats, dark wax for the finish and it is done.

**One key tip to pass on is to use a brush for the wax, especially the dark wax. I brushed it on and then used an old t-shirt to buff. For the brush, dip it in the wax and get a small amount. Then brush in the direction of the grain until there is no more wax. Then with the used t-shirt, buff into the wood and let dry. It only takes a little while to dry. Here is the finished result...

Now to fill this with great reads, inspirations ---I think it turned out great. Now onto the coffee table. Until next time,


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