Thursday, February 18, 2016

Paste Paper Tag with ICE Resin® casting made in Art-filled Snippet Moments in the Studio

Snippets of Time is what I call my time in the Studio- I take a little moment here and there, I steal away while the biscuits are in the oven, as I take out the trash there is always a little detour to the studio...I create in spurts, moments,'s fun and frustrating at the same time.  Oh, of course there are days when I can disappear into paper, paints, design and delight.  But on the more common  Snippet days, my projects evolve over several days and what I had envisioned at the beginning takes on new directions each time I go into the studio.  I learned when  my children were small that snippets of time might be all I would be given and to make the most of that moment - to crochet a row or two, to add a little paint to paper, to continue on an earlier project.

Today, I want to share with you a paste paper tag that is a snippet project.  I love these tags  because I can work on them a little at a time and then all at once it comes together.  In this watercolor paper tag, I used twinkling H2O's (a hardpan watercolor cake with beautiful bits of mica powders and shimmers), Acrylic paints, distress inks, rub-ons, stamps and even gauze fabric.  Embellished with Ribbons, pearls and wire, the piece de resistance is my ICE Resin® cast - a Relic inspired milagro that has been painted with Mica Powder and inks.  Using ICE Resin® in casting found objects is one of my most favorite possibilities.  I can make one or a hundred of my castings, add patina, paints and foils.  This tag is a wonderful blend of all things lovely.
the beginnings 

close up of the twinkling H2O's

Playing with placement

One of my favorite sayings...It is so true.

For me, as a collage artist, I love snippet moments - To me they are little collages being created as I work on the various elements of the project.  I have learned to EMBRACE all artful moments and to create for those few moments as if I had all day- And then when my piece whether it be jewelry, paper arts or fabric, I know that it was worth every minute of each day as I put my heart in to each part of the process.
The ICE Resin® casting of the milagro

Until next time, I hope you will find a few art-filled snippet  moments

Where I will be teaching this Spring

February 27th  - Sparks Studio featuring ICE Resin®
March 15th  Sparks Studio working with ICED Enamel™
March 19th - Resurrected Designs - an All day workshop featuring ICE Resin® and creating jewelry pieces

April 9th - Resurrected Designs - BOHO inspired hand knotted pearl and button wrap bracelet
April 16th - Saturday in the Studio - a creative afternoon at My Art Studio - details soon 

Looking Ahead for the fall - still putting all the dates on the schedule 

September 16th- 18th Bella Crafts Connections in Minnesota

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