Tuesday, February 16, 2016

CHA - The Craft and Hobby Association's MEGA Conference and Trade Show....a little piece of Heaven here on earth

Here's an excerpt from my post on the ICE Resin® Blog....

OH MY STARS!!! is the perfect expression (that we use quite often here in Texas- along with y’all and fixin to…) to describe CHA, the Craft and Hobby Association’s Trade only show. – For me it was the Creative Heaven for Artists!! I first heard about CHA in the early 90’s when Carol Duval, a wonderful crafter and TV personality would go and show us through video all the great new inspirations and products that would be coming to our local craft stores in the coming months.  As I sat there glued to the TV, I watched Carol walk the showroom floor and talk with all of the people, the celebrities (for me) and show all the new products.  The creativity was so evident and everyone was sharing ideas, demoing new techniques and products!  It seemed to be heaven on earth…and I wanted to go.

I made it!!!
Fast-forward to January 8th, I walked into the Anaheim Convention Center and picked up my nametag and my info packet to attend the CHA MEGA Conference and Trade Show.   It was the beginning of a dream come true…You can read more here

The Anaheim Convention Center

For me it was truly a dream come true.  Getting to see first hand the new products that will be available to stores for us, the loyal artisans and crafters I could see the time, the talent and the research that goes into new lines, new products, new tools.  It was truly inspiring and it also helped me appreciate all of the details that create a product that we will use time and time again. 

Some of my favorite new products are the new ICE Resin® foils and tints that will be added to work with our art and jewelry projects.  There is a new weaving tool designed for bangles,.The creator is from Australia or England (Her accent was amazing) and she was the most energetic and happy person. The tool uses everything from wire to fabric to even pantyhose!!!  Now I know what to do with all of those pairs that I no longer wear!!!  It won't be out until March/April but I will be the first one to get it and then share the process with y'all.  There was a beautiful company out of London that carried the most beautiful sewing pattern and fabric and lace as well.  All from Europe and from small farming communities who create the fabric/lace.  LOVE THAT!!  

There was a beautiful French stamp company called Carabelle.  C'est Magnifique!!!  I will try to order some of there large home decor stamps through a few of my connections across the pond!

I think for me the most incredible element to CHA was that all were there to inspire, teach and encourage the creativity in all of us!  From the big names I met to those that walked the aisles with me, it seemed as if we were one big happy family.... as they say those that create together, stay together.  Below are a few pictures of the workshops I helped with and learned from these amazing teachers.  Also a few pictures of a few of my friends while at CHA - I did forget to take pictures as I was trying to live in the moment - I would think later "Oh I should have taken more pictures" but there is always next year!!!1
Taking Classes from John Peterson - Amazingly
talented and he's my friend!!!

John and us girls....

Assisting Jen Cushman in her workshop
She is so gifted!!!

The students are learning!!

Playing with ICE Resin®
Eating Cake at PLAID®

My two favorite Susans - Susan Lenart Kazmer
and Susan Walls

Dinner with SLK, Sandra Evertson and Debby Anderson

I believe that whether you hold a paint brush or a child's hand, whether you mend a garment or a broken heart, whether you glue to hold paper or perhaps you are the glue that holds your family together - you and I are creating everyday.  CHA provides products and inspiration for us to use.  You provide the purpose in which to create a life that is filled with love and he{art}

Until next time,  I hope you find time to create everyday!!!

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