Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Minnesota here we come...getting ready for Bella Crafts Connections

In just 2 weeks,  We (3 out of 5) will leave for a wonderful art-filled weekend where I will be teaching 3 workshops for the Bella Crafts Connections Art Event.  It is to be held at the Mall of America in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  So in addition to all the art goodness, this will be a shopping heaven!! We have always wanted to go there!! So are you surprised that my youngest daughter (9th grade) is coming to be my assistant? ---- and then on Saturday, she and her daddy (yes, Scott is coming as it is our 29th wedding anniversary on the 27th) will have their 2nd annual IPD (International Presleigh Day)- It is where she and her daddy shop till she drops, have a special lunch and create memories of just the 2 of them!!!

Back to the Art Event, this will be an incredible weekend with such amazing teachers and workshops.  I am busy putting together kits for the workshops and creating jewelry pieces for the vendor market as well as wonderful unique art supplies such as ICE RESIN® paper, genuine hen feathers and more. I love putting together kits for each of my students but at the same time, I am always wondering if they'll like what I have put in so I always bring more choices.

In fact, some could say that I always offer choices.  Once when our son, who is now 25 years old, was around 2 1/2, we were visiting my grandmother.  She was putting out lunch-- ham sandwiches, chips, etc.  And I turned to Morgan and asked him "Mustard or Mayonnaise? Peaches or Apples?"  Then I asked "Which kind of chips would you like?" and he responded to all of the choices but then I asked him "Do you want Coke, Sprite or Juice?"  And his reply was "Momma, there are too many choices, you choose!!" Yes, in life there can be too many choices....Choosing between good and evil - Easy!  Choosing between better and best - a little less easy.  Choosing between good and good- HARD!! It's like asking would you like a chocolate chip cookie or a brownie? And I would like to answer yes!!

For me, arts and crafts are the chocolate chip cookies and brownies of life.  It's too hard to pick one, so I try and love all!! So when I head to our UPS store, I won't be surprised by the number of boxes to be mailed to Minnesota or that my suitcases  may have less clothes and more shall we say - choices!!  If you can join this event, there is still time and yes, there are still so many choices (of workshops)!!!

Here's a few pictures of the preparations underway.  Until next time, finding joy in the journey and in the wonderful choices we have in daily living---

Savannah playing with fire - oh I mean creating head pins...

LOVE making my own head pins!!

Kits for my Creating Backgrounds workshop 

A treasure find that I 'll have at the market 

More treasures....

Hope to see U there!!!

For  more information on the event, click here.

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  1. Chantal I love that your husband and daughter have a special day and it is most exciting that this year they wil get to experience Mall of America...I am so excited to meet you and thrilled that you will be teaching!! Safe Travels!!