Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Minnesota Here We Come...Bella Crafts Connections

We are off to the Mall of America for the Bella Crafts Connections Art Event!!  It will be an incredible weekend with Art Workshops from an amazing cast of teachers, a market that will be unique to the artists/teachers and vendors....and we are coming early to shop a little (or a lot), go the Sea Life Aquarium (which I believe is underneath the mall- Who knew??) and then shop a little (or a lot) more.  When we are not shopping- I will be teaching 3 workshops on Friday and participating in the Bella Market throughout the weekend.  I am beyond excited to meet wonderful kindred spirits who love to learn, create and share their talents.

Oh and if for some reason, I miss my plane on Sunday night, it's probably because I was shopping a little (or a lot) more....Until next time,  I'm headed to the Mall.

Finding Joy in the Journey!

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