Thursday, August 27, 2015

Tag Art Tuesday - An Art-full evening with friends...

The Tags for our centerpiece....3 different techniques  
Our first Tag Art Tuesday was a HUGE success!!! It was art filled evening with friends and family.  My Tag Art Tuesdays are a time where I can give and share with my friends the love of creating.  It's a time where we can disconnect from the busyness of life and relax with a little art and play.  It's time where the only cost is a sweet dessert or a simple appetizer.  It's a time where friends can invite their friends that will become friends  I haven't met yet.  It's a time to connect with thoughts and ideas and put it down on a simple art tag.  It's a blessed time.  Thank you to my friends who came to our first Tag Art Tuesday!! And for those of you who live near, there is another Tag Art Tuesday on October 13th!!  
Here are a few pictures of our time in the studio...I wish I had taken a picture of everyone's tags.  It was amazing to see their personalities emerge on the paper.  I loved everyone's creative spirit and sharing ideas with others.  
Until next time, I hope you'll find time to create even if it's just a little tag....and celebrate the 
creativity in your heart!!

Collage and Paste paper technique 
Follow your art 
I love this one- using distress inks, ICE RESIN® paper...Celebrate!!!

Look how organized the table is...we haven't started yet:)

listening so intently...these ladies were great!!!

That's my sweet momma, who knows so much more than me,
but still is enthusiastic about learning new techniques,

I clear my table of all my stuff to make room for the gals....normally you cannot see the top:)

One of my sweet friends looking through an old dictionary...I assured her it was ok to cut, even tear it!!

Look at those happy faces- the look of an He{Art}-filled evening!!
My mom had left just minutes before - Do you notice the table now??

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