Thursday, March 19, 2015

Round Top Treasures and finding Treasures for daily living

Fields in Round Top

In just 10 days, my daughter and I embark on our Spring Treasure hunting Trip to Round Top, Texas and the surrounding small towns (actually Round Top is the smallest town which boasts a population of 90).  Thousands descend on these small towns in search of antiques, treasures, pieces of their past or perhaps the newest trends in decorating home and life.  It lasts for 2 weeks in the various cities.  I began going in the 2000 when my 2 oldest children were able to be without momma for a few days and my youngest was a surprise blessing waiting to happen.  I took my mom for what was the beginning of great weekends that have now turned into 5 days of treasure hunting.  Over the years, my mom, my oldest daughter, who is in college now (for some reason I'm not able to write a note saying that she'll miss her classes for 5 days...what's up with that?), my sister and friends have joined for either the Spring or the Fall trip (did I mention we go twice a year?).

We begin with stopping all along the way to various antique malls and old town squares, eating at Rudy's (an incredible BBQ that's in a TEXACO- a Texas Thang) beginning our hunting as soon as possible.  What would be a 4 hour trip takes us about 7 hours... Over these past 15 years, we have found incredible flea finds, vintage and new, relics of the past and trinkets of today. To name a few-- Old paper, ribbons, fabric, photographs, bits of this and that, antique brooches for a wedding bouquet (we still have to find the groom) and pieces of furniture that grace our home. Some finds for projects yet to be finished or yet to be discovered.  Some say it would be hard to pick the best treasure find out of all the years in going and yet for me that would be the easiest... The treasure of memories, the good times, the laughter , the beauty in my girls as they grow into young ladies, the stories from my mother about her past and remembering my grandmothers and their love of so many things.  It's the time in the hotel room at the end of day -spreading our packages on the bed and embracing our individual style.  It's all about building a treasure chest of memories, to have and to leave for others.  This brings our past into the future and keeps us all connected.  I am ever grateful for these special times.

So the next time you go antique treasure hunting, while your sifting through old photos or digging through boxes of rusted hardware, don't forget to hunt for the greatest treasure -bonding with family and friends and sharing the love and laughter that will last longer than anything you might find on your journey.

Traci, a good friend who we met at her booth in Warrenton
Capturing a moment from last Fall with my sister

Mom and Presleigh -looking off in the distance 

A cute (almost empty) town square


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    1. That would be awesome!!! Maybe we can plan it in the future!!!!

  2. What a lovely blog post. It sounds like fantastic fun. Hope to get there one Year.