Sunday, March 8, 2015

Blessings and Kindness - Creating tags and pockets with Leather craft paper, Sizzix dies and ICE Resin®

Today is a great day to share thoughts of blessings and kindness.  When I  create, it seems that little pieces of my heart seem to make their way to  whatever it is that I am working on. Art is like that, Studying God's word is like that, sharing with friends is like that - reflection, refreshing, renewing and finding the words that are on my heart and in my mind.    These two projects showcase treasures and sentiments along with my love of stitching, tags, die cuts, paper, buttons, ICE Resined paper and even an ICED enameled heart (find all ICE Resin® products here).  

With these two projects, I began with Kraft tex leather paper  (you can find it here).   It is incredible!! You can cut, sew, stamp, paint, emboss and more  - the pliability of paper but the strength of a soft leather.  For the first project, I chose to make a wallet using the SIZZIX wallet die and the canvas paper scrollwork using the SIZZIX curly gate die for the front.  It's really the size of a gift/credit card or even for ATC cards.  I am hoping to put handmade scripture cards that remind me of the blessings I receive through my prayer life.  You could use the wallet for so many things- this would be a great gift card presentation...two presents in one.  

The second project showcases my love of tags.  I place sentiment tags all through out my house in vignettes, where we can use a quick word of encouragement or reminders of hope and love.  Using the 2 sizes of SIZZIX scallop tags, one with the kraft tex and the smaller with canvas paper, I was able to embroider the heart of kindness with the backstitch, french knots and a handmade ribbon rose.  I also added ICE Resined paper birds along with an ICED Enameled heart resembling a flood soldering technique.  Using my sewing machine for both of these projects helped secure all the elements and gave it a very finished look.  I love working with so many elements from different areas of my art life to share with you part of my heart life.   If you would like to make these or put your own heart in to your projects, I have included general techniques and directions for the projects along with how to make the ICED Enamel heart and the ICE Resined paper.    Enjoy! 

Kindness matters with handmade ribbon rose 

Kraft tex paper
Canvas paper ( Hobby Lobby)
Sizzix dies  (as mentioned above)
Sewing machine, matching thread
Small scissors, embroidery thread, needles
Buttons, charms, ribbons and lace
Word sentiments (printed or stamped)
Small piece of muslin
Stazon ink, letter stamps
Vintage paper or paper of your choice for birds, butterflies
Punches for Resined paper
ICE Resin® and supplies  *available here 
ICED Enamel medium*
ICED Enamel - german silver*
Heart bezel*
Heat gun 
plastic trash bag/craft mat
fabric fusion (adhesive)


1.  Using kraft tex, cut out wallet and the large tag.

2.  Using the canvas paper, cut out the curly gate for the wallet and the smaller scallop tag.

 For the wallet-

1.  Using the sewing machine, sew the scrollwork to the top (front side ) of the wallet.  I sewed with the machine my word sentiments.  Do all machine sewing before you sew the side seams.  

2. Fold the wallet on the scored lines and sew side seams with the machine.

3.  Add buttons and charms as desired. 

4.  To add the ICE Resined paper butterflies, you can sew them  or adhere with a little bit of adhesive.

close up of the wallet
The wallet resting on a Limoge tea cup.
For the Kindness tags-

1.  Cut freehand or using a die, cut out one heart.  
2.  Using pins, pin and place lace under the heart on top of the smaller scalloped tag.  
3.  Stitch to secure the heart and lace.  
4.  Add word sentiment with french knots. 
5.  Create a ribbon rose and secure with french knots also. 
6.   Hand stamp the word "matters" onto a small scrap of muslin 
7.   Using the sewing machine, sew the small sentiment onto the canvas tag.
8.   Layer the smaller tag onto the Kraft tex; using the sewing machine stitch around the smaller tag. 
9.   Add the ICE Resined birds using a little adhesive or sew to attach. 
10.  Add ribbon, lace and the ICED Enamel heart bezel through the opening of the tag.  

close up of Kindness Matters
The ICED Enamel heart bezel - LOVE IT!!

How to make the ICED Enamel Heart Bezel

1.  With disposable brush, brush ICED Enamel medium inside the heart bezel.  
2.  Pour ICED Enamel powder in German Silver into the bezel. 
3.  Using a heat gun, heat until melted and the look is smooth. Let cool.
4.  Mix equal parts of Part A and Part B of ICE Resin® for 2 minutes.  Let sit for 5 minutes. 
5.  Then fill the bezel with the ICE Resin®.  Allow to dry 12 hours. 

How to make ICE Resin® paper

1.  Using the ICE Resin® from step 4, sponge the Resin onto the pieces of vintage paper, coating both sides. begin with the back of the paper and place onto the bag, then continue coating the front of the paper.  
2.  Lay it on a plastic trash bag or a craft mat and allow to dry for 12 hours.
3.  Once dry, using your punches, dies - cut desired shape for your tag or wallet.

Now with the supplies and the how to's - you are ready to put your whole heart into your next project.  Enjoy reflecting and creating a little work of your heart. 

Until next time, 

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