Sunday, January 4, 2015

The LOVE'S of my life-on the ICE Resin® Blog

A short post today. I wanted to share with everyone the fist of the introductions for the 2015 ICE Resin® Design Team that  begin today. To learn about the LOVE'S of my life, please visit the ICE Resin blog.  Each day this week on their blog, there will be an introduction  from each artist on the design team. Amazing year of creativity is ahead !  Let's get inspired together!!

I hope you New Year is off to a great start. We are at the most magical place on earth, creating memories! When we return home at the end of the week, it will be time for creating with ICE Resin® and unexpected treasures!!

Until next time,


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  1. It's nice to meet you Chantal, The link to your blog from the Ice Resin site does not work.