Wednesday, January 14, 2015

My first My video ever and it's on Youtube!!!

My first Project as a member of the ICE Resin 2015 Design Team.

Today is a day out of my ordinary.  This morning I went to my studio and shot a technique video of my  "from the heart" project as a member of the Design Team for ICE Resin® (This time Presleigh was my camerawoman!!).  After a few retakes and a lot of laughter, we got it right.  Thanks to my iphone 6 and the imovie app!! The app created transitions, fades and I think it made even my coffee look's in the background!

I hope you'll take a minute and find me on Youtube (Who would have thought that those words would  be written about me) under the ICE Resin channel - Despite having a cold, I still sound like I'm a girl from Texas who loves to create and share a few tips and techniques along the way!     Here's the link for the video-
Tissue paper magic video

On the 21st of the month, the full article with step by step pictures will be on the ICE Resin blog.  Stay tuned for the link.

I hope your day is out of your ordinary.  Create a little magic in your day today!!

Until next time, sending you blessings

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