Wednesday, January 21, 2015

From the heart - first project for the ICE Resin Design Team

Seashells with Tissue paper and ICE Resin®
 From the heart is our first "assignment" for the Design Team and I couldn't have been more excited to create from my heart.  I began to think of what my first project would be and of course it needed to have elements from things I love...seashells, words, stamping, wire, tags, paper (the list is endless) and also have a great technique for you that could be applied to so many creative endeavors.

Here are a few pictures of the project and you can read about the whys and hows on the ICE Resin® blog.From the heart - creating with tissue paper  and also on the ICE Resin you tube channel for the video of this project (see earlier post for the link).

For now- Enjoy a picture journey of  From the Heart 
The smaller art dangles made with tissue paper and ICE Resin®

all of the completed tags and seashell sentiments

the supplies needed.  You can get purchase the ICE Resin® from here
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