Tuesday, December 2, 2014


First - the beginning, the start. the most important.

A first

 - something that has never happened before and is therefore important or exciting:
A first - used in referring to the main or the most important thing

A few days ago, I experienced several first time experiences nearly at the same time.  First, I had to create a video that other people were going to see and not just see it, but see me in it....I have made a zillion short videos where I am behind the camera and generally I am filming my children on a special day, or a special place so as to capture the memory of that incredible moment in my life. With a mother's love and looking through that lens of love- all of my videos are funny, beautiful and worthy to watch again and again.  But being on the other side of the lens, well that was definitely a first! We made it a family affair, with my oldest daughter filming and editing; my youngest daughter gave encouragement and at first, liked saying "Action" but after a few (dozen) takes, she just wanted to give support and watch from the other side of the camera.  Then after we finished filming and editing, my oldest (son), helped us create the link to view it, while in Florida.  This brings me to my next first- our son is beginning his career in Florida.  He has completed his masters and will live and work in a great small city right on the Atlantic Ocean!  We have actually vacationed there for the past 13 years and as a child, I visited my grandparents who lived there also. It's a great opportunity. For me, it's a first in the sense that he will not be home for semester breaks, weekends, or summer.  He, on the other hand,  will have a new home, new opportunities and lots of firsts.  We all experience firsts- some good, some sad, some exciting, some we dread.  But all of us have and will continue to experience firsts. It really is a part of life.  I am encouraged to know that we can share our firsts (no matter the experience) with God and that he understands because, even God has experienced firsts.  

                                 We love because he first loved us.
                                                   -I John 4:19

God's first is on a much grander scale than my video.  In all of our firsts we experience, he has shown us how to be first in the most important aspect of our lives - Love.  When we love first, show kindness first, choose others above ourselves first, create homes with his love first, use our talents looking through his lens of love first, Our lives will be richer, fuller and we will be the first to say "It is because he loved me first."

I hope you will have many firsts that will bring great opportunities to show his love (for us) first! 

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  1. Great post, interesting and funny. I love learning that we serve the same master!