Friday, November 21, 2014

Pearls, please!

Willow Hearts is a girls teen group that I lead two to three times a month at our home.  It has all the wonderfulness of girls, the laughter of stories, the sharing of treasures from scriptures, games, food and so much more.  Every two weeks, Presleigh and I open up our home and hearts to 20 of the greatest girls in the world!! (and a few of their sweet mommas stay too).  This fall we have been looking at the promises from God such as his faithfulness, his love and his friendship.  We will end this study on December 4th. And so to commemorate these promises, each girl will make a silver charm bracelet with charms reflecting each promise.  I thought it would be fitting to add another charm- showing just how valuable God is in our lives no matter what our age.  Trying to find an image, symbol or charm to encompass all that God is - is quite daunting!  Where do you find the  "Creator of the universe" charm?
So as I searched the scriptures, God gave me the answer- The Pearl of Great Price (Mt 13:45).  As a jewelry designer, what could be more perfect???

As my mind continued down the pearl path, I thought of our times in Epcot at Disney World.  We always head to Japan for the purchasing of a pearl (that is still in the oyster, no less).  My girls and I love this tradition.  It's quite a memory for us as we look through the water tanks to find just the right one, hoping for the double pearls or the silvery blue ones, or the biggest.... As a mom, I am praying that the girls get similar pearls so that everyone is happy.  As for me, personally, I am always amazed that there is a pearl in that shell.... We pay a price for our pearls and to some it is pricey, but it isn't all our money. We pay a little extra to have our pearls turned into something that we can wear and see daily.

God is our pearl of great price..  and one of the differences between Disney World's pearl and God's pearl is that we do give him our everything so that we can allow him to work in our lives and so through us, we can see our pearl daily, changing hearts and lives.

Pearls to remind us of God's great value

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  1. I too love pearls....what a sweet tradition you have with your daughters....I just know all those pearls will continue to touch their hearts and memories throughout the years....and the meaning behind them is something they will surely pass on to the daughters they hopefully will have one day.....