Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A few years ago, during the  Christmas season, I went to one of my favorite craft stores.  As you walk in, there is a massive beautifully decorated tree with large bows and ornaments and of course signs letting you know the trees are 50% off.  Just below the tree is a beautiful large nativity set. As I was walking in, two young sisters were gazing at the scene, the younger sister recounting all the elements of the nativity said "Oh here is the angel and this is the fairy."  I couldn't help but smile as she was blending all her stories into one.  It would be sweet to think of tinker bell fluttering by the stable and adding her pixie dust or the fairy godmother adding her glamour to this stable that was more like a cave or the genie there to grant three wishes.  As a mother, Mary might have wished for protection of her child, provision for their poverty or the promise of better days ahead for her newborn baby.  Yes the delight of imagination  and magic through the eyes of a child is truly a way for us to see the impossible become real, our dreams take flight just as Dumbo did. I love the idea of possibilities and so does God.  Even as imaginative and hopeful as  the little sister blending magic with the nativity, our God did something way better.  He put forth the impossible into the possible, not with magic but with the miracle of Jesus' birth.  And then continued showing us through the scriptures that nothing is impossible with God (Luke 1:37).  Through out the pages of the Bible, we see God working his miracles through his power, his  love and his grace.  We begin to realize that magic is underrated as we witness our God working miracles in our hearts and in our lives.   Some would argue then we shouldn't allow for such silly thinking or allow imagination to thrive.  I would strongly disagree for when we imagine the possibilities, we begin to understand the heart and mind of God (never fully but always increasing) for before you or I were born,  He saw us and knew us.  He sees in each of the possibility of renewal, the ability to be more like him in love and life.  He sees in us what we sometimes cannot see in ourselves- the miracle of a new heart, touched by his saving grace.  As we enter into the Christmas day, the anticipation builds, the excitement is hardly containable for the presents under the tree are filled with possibilities, wishes hopefully granted - a touch of magic.  Greater still is the touch of the master's hand inviting us to believe in the impossible, the miracle of his love coming to us in the form of a baby   -our Emanuel (God with us) over 2000 years ago.  Take hold of the miracle for it is the "possible" to our impossible.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


**On a side note, our family is heading to Disney World for 6 fun filled magical days- Yes it's ok to have imagination and fun and believe in the miracle all at the same time!!***

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