Wednesday, December 7, 2011

On the 7th tag of Christmas

my inspiration tag...
Can you believe it? I think I have posted more in the last 7 days than perhaps all year...This has been so fun!! I hope you are enjoying the journey with the tag art and the inspiration from the heart. It's amazing to me how we can truly see life lessons everywhere. Jesus was so good about teaching that to us, wasn't he? His stories and lessons were for all people, at all times and for all times. He spoke to us right where we live...OK more reflections later. Now for the tag....

Each morning I check Tim's blog to see what amazing tag he has created, what supplies do I have and of course, what I don't have -sometimes the latter seems to win out more times. Yes, for those of you who have been to my studio, you think that is an impossibility but trust me, it's true. I did love today's tag, the video he included and all the wonderful instruction. the inking and rolling of an unmounted stamp is incredible!! Of course, I had some trials and errors, but it was a great time of creativity, inspiration and reflection in the studio. Here are some tips and switches for today.

*I didn't have the stains for the tag, so I used my own perfect pearls mister (1-2 scoops of perfect pearls and water in a mister). My background turned out wonderfully. I love it!!!

*With the glassine paper, I had grand intentions... I purchased some of his glassine envelopes earlier and had no idea what to do with them. But when something says "TIm Holtz", I buy it. I did try his technique, I had all the alcohol inks, distress inks, heat tool but I just couldn't get it right-it wasn't for me. It was a no to the tag today :(
*LOVE the embossing in black!!!
*The things I used for trinkets and embellishments- floral christmas picks(Michaels 1/2 off!!), holly leaves in the "make it Christmas" section at Hobby Lobby, seam binding and then, I used my perfect pearls mister on ribbon and scrunched and heat set it. LOVE it!!
*At the top of the tag, I used a distressed gold medallion-first, punch a hole in center, align with hole and thread your ribbons through. I also found a little coper bell - who knew that was in my stash??

When the glassine didn't come together as Tim's, I thought to myself "I have the products, the tools, the knowledge, the experience and the desire..why didn't it work?" Too often in life, we are faced with the same questions- "I can do this, I am ready to accept the challenge, I want to help, serve, teach, I want to_________(you fill in the blank)." But for God's own choosing, it is not meant to be- we can be sorry, upset, downcast, angry or accepting. This is King David's lot- He desperately wants to build the Lord a temple (2 Samuel 7 and following). He realizes that he lives in a Palace made of Cedar and the LORD dwells in a tent. He has the resources, the tools, , the knowledge, the desire but the LORD says "Not You". Perhaps we would say it this way - "Thanks but no thanks." David at first is downcast but it doesn't last long - He knows that his son, Solomon, a man of peace, will build the temple, not a man of war (David). He accepts his limitations. He acknowledges the sovereignty of God and the praises him in the midst of his "No". My question for us is "Do we accept and praise him in the midst of our "No?" I hope that in my daily journey with the Lord that my praise is not conditional based on a yes but unconditional just as his love is for me, even when the answer is "Thank you for being willing, but not this time, not you."

Some may try the glassine and it will work beautifully, others will try and not yield the same results but rest assured your tag will be wonderfully your own. Some may try to accomplish certain things (perhaps things you want to do) and they will succeed and you will not, but rest assured that if the Lord is leading, your life journey will be your own just as he thought it would be- Wonderful!

"For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the Lord."
-Isaiah 54:10


  1. I was surely supposed to "stumble" upon your blog today. I was blessed...thank you! And your tag is beautiful...exactly the way it is was meant to be!

  2. I came over to see your tag.....but ended up reading each day of your tags ...and the word...Beautiful blog lady...Loved the word and your tags...I am now a follower...Oh ...and the music is also very nice bonus ...God Bless you ...and have a wonderful holiday....At the end of my day.....I was suppose to stop by.....Sending Blessings....