Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Wishblooms-a joyful adventure in daily living.  I have wanted to have a blog for quite some time now..So many blogs are filled with inspiration, dramatic stories, unforgettable pictures that I was intimidated to even begin...Yet there is a place for the daily adventures of life from the perspective of a joyful heart.  A heart that is full.  My youngest daughter coined the phrase "wishblooms."  She was referring to the dandelions that all children (and let's be honest, adults, too) love to blow and then watch the seeds scatter into the summer breeze... Presleigh told me that the seeds flying were actually wishblooms..I loved it so much that I have written a children's story about this very idea of sending wishblooms to others throughout our life.  Hopefully in posts to come, I will put excerpts of the story along with the celebration of daily life.  perhaps a little of our wishblooms will come your way.

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