Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Christmas back in the boxes

Today, the last of the christmas decorations went back in the boxes.  Actually, I started last Friday with the first tree (which is around 15 ft)..We need one for all of the wonderful homemade ornaments our children have made over the last 18 years...Our oldest and only son, Morgan, is a freshman in College.  Then our oldest daughter, Savannah, is a freshman in highschool and our youngest, Presleigh, is in second grade.   So my tree has's 1st christmas ornaments, ornaments with names engraved...some with pasta, puzzle pieces and felt...They are treasures that as each year passes, they become more precious to me.  I do, however, keep a few christmas things out all year long so as to remember the most precious treasure - the birth of God's son.   My Jim shore nativity sits on my bookcase in my office next to a Bible.  I have words such as joy and believe still on the mantle.. No matter the season..Keep the spirit of giving in your heart all year long.    

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