Friday, January 16, 2009

True friendship...

I have a magnet on my refrigerator that reads "True love stories never have an ending." (John 3:16)  I believe true friendships are the same way.  Today I had the pleasure of reconnecting with a lifetime friend...we hadn't seen each other in quite awhile.  It was wonderful....We caught up, shared many of the things that had gone on in our lives and renewed the bond we had built more than 10 years ago....such a great feeling to know that the time invested in the years prior had not been wasted. This dear friend, Brenda, taught me many new things when I was a young mother. She gave me the love of treasure hunting, garge sale-ing, sweet tea, canning fruit, (I found it to be a joy while she had done it her whole life and wasn't as enamored with skimming the foam off the peaches as I was...good stuff!!)  learning to be strong in the midst of trials and learning to let go and let God. 
I will always treasure the earlier years as we were together often.  However, I will feel as though I missed those in-between years, and now, I can be there for these "now " years.  It's not starting over, it's picking up where we left off with a bit of catching up to do...Making the most of the friendship we share will be one of my many memories made this year.  Here's to friendship (and sweet tea)!!

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