Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Many memories

Today, our storage shed was broken into...My husband called me to let me know and to see if I could head over to see what was missing.  (He was actually in NYC)..At first glance, most of the "Junk" was still there...when I looked at the saddle stand..It was bare.  They had taken my daughter's saddle, show blankets, and pads..It broke my heart.   Knowing they can be replaced isn't the same as having them for years to come.  In keeping this in perspective,  I shared with our youngest that things can be replaced, people can't.  We were glad that no one was hurt.   Some of you have lost far greater treasures in this world.  Loved ones, relationships, homes, ..the truly important things of this life.  When I chose my word for the year (many) was no accident.  I am flooded with many memories of Savannah on her horse, buying the saddle, the flag blanket (they are really cool here in Texas) and even of Presleigh on Savannah's saddle playing as if she was riding.  We are blessed with faith, safety, health, family, friendships, homes, treasures..make sure you make memories all along the way...So that one day no matter the loss, many memories will fill your heart.

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