Monday, January 25, 2016

Disneyland, Frank Sinatra and CHA - a few highlights from our trip to California Part 1

from the air as we are approaching Anaheim 
California- a wonderful whirlwind of all things magical, musical, historical, and artistical (yes, I made that word up - it should read artistically but that doesn't have the same rhythm).  We headed to the west coast at the beginning of January for a few days which centered around CHA MEGA Conference and Trade show which happened to be in Anaheim just a few minutes from Disneyland, the happiest place on earth (magical, too).   Anaheim also happens to be not that far from Los Angeles where the Grammy Museum hosts the Frank Sinatra exhibit, which also happens to be not too far from The Getty Center, The Getty Villa and the Queen Mary.  Along with a side trip to Hollywood and our days seemed to be  finished before we even got there.  

So with our first 2 days, we went to Disneyland, saw Minnie, Chip and Dale, and a host of wonderful people, brilliant shows and fantastic rides.  Of course Downtown Disney was one of our shopping destinations.  It is always a memory filled time at Disney - with all the beautiful scenes, characters and just the element of surprise and delight as we all are children again.   After Disney, it was off to the Grammys - well the museum to see Old Blue eyes - in all of his splendor.  The exhibit was fantastic.  They even had one of his live concerts playing a theater type setting.  We watched it for at least 15 minutes but could have stayed all day -  We ate at Wolfgang Puck's Restaurant near the museum and then it was back to Anaheim for an evening Workshop at CHA -Stay tuned for Part 2 of all the details of CHA.


Happiest place on earth!

3 wishes -"xnay" on wishing for more than 3 

Mickey and Friends

Chip and Dale - her favorite

Minnie Shoes- peferct
waiting for the exhibit to open

a wall of some of his album covers

"Look at his hat!"

While I was at the trade show on Saturday and Sunday, Scott and the girls headed to Hollywood in search of the {sidewalk}stars of Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn.  Success!! They found them....

Her favorite

Her favorite

a few more stars...

another star

and another....
Onto Malibu for a quick look at the Pacific and dinner at the hotel.

On Sunday, again while I was at CHA,  the agenda for the day- The Getty Center and the Getty Villa- amazing works of art were on display.  Many were from the Getty private collection.  As both of my daughters are enthralled with History and Art History this was an epic day in the way of discovery and beauty.  We brought home a few reprints to frame for each of their rooms!

On Monday, we headed to board the Queen Mary for a historical tour of this amazing ship.  As we learned more of the ship's role in non- military and military voyages, we appreciate all that the company, the crew, celebrities, dignitaries  and passengers did during their time of service.  Now it is an incredible hotel with several restaurants as well as a historical event center with ongoing tours and conferences.

shops, restaurants and such a shiny beautiful floor

These few days exploring familiar places and new discoveries were a memorable way to end our holidays.  In Part 2, read all about CHA's Mega trade show- with hundreds of exhibitors and perhaps 1,000s of participants, this was a creative heaven for me!!

Until next time, create every day a little art, a little happiness and whole lot of love!

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