Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Banner By the Sea featuring May Arts Ribbons

   "Each new day, a gift to be opened, sunrise slowly unties its            ribbon of hope."

Ribbons- yellow ribbons of hope, blue ribbons of courage, red ribbons of love.   Ribbons.    Whether to tie a ribbon around the old oak tree or to winning the 1st prize ribbon to adorning a package, Ribbon in it's simplest form - lovely.  I must confess, I have a love affair with ribbon!  In my studio, I have a ribbon wall and ribbon drawers.  In my sewing room, I have ribbons sorted by size, color, purpose  ......but I also have baskets of snippets of ribbon that are just waiting for that ever so small need of a dash of lovely on an artistic endeavor. 

Today,  I want to share my Banner by the Sea featuring May Arts Ribbon.  This little Banner was inspired by our recent trip to Florida where we spent quite a bit of time walking on the beach, reading to the sound of the waves and soaking in the sun.  The Colors of this project are reminiscent of the shells, sand and water.  The Ribbons echo these colors while the stenciled shell mirror the colors of the actual shells we picked up on our many walks along the water's edge.  The Ribbon Bow Banner at the top of our canvas piece is a wonderful (simple) technique of ribbon manipulation. (see video for tutorial).  The Ribbon streamers at the base of our burlap are filled with shells, charms, buttons and even canvas stamped tags that are backed with ICE RESIN® paper.  This project  can be changed to fit a particular holiday - Can you just see Old Glory in the center with beautiful May Art Ribbons of Red, white and blue?  Or perhaps February 14th is what you see in the center with a Heart full of LOVE with pink, red, and white streamers of  (May Arts) Ribbon?  Ok, before I get to inspired....Let's get to gathering and then making this Beribboned Banner by the Sea.

wire edged burlap or base fabric
Covered wire for hanger
Canvas paper
batting for underneath canvas paper
Lumiere paints-metallic gold, metallic bronze, pearl white and pearl turqouise
Shell Stencil 
Stencil brushes
canvas tags - either pre -made or made with dies and canvas paper
Sentiment Stamps
Stazon ink pad
small piece of manilla folder or heavy card stock
10 eyelets
Crop-o-dile or eyelet setter.
Shells, charms, embellishments of your choice
paper bead wired charm
May Arts Ribbon- 
*1.5 inch wide wrinkled edge ribbon - antique brass
*silky crush ribbon - teal, rust
*ivory jute
*1/4 inch silk ribbon - teal, gold, ivory
* ombre ribbon in antique gold/ivory 

Sewing machine, matching thread
needle and thread 
or fabric adhesive such as fabric fusion or e6000 fabric fuse

Paints, stencils, Ribbons, shells

May Arts Ribbons - LOVELY!
Let's get started

1.  Using three shades of lumiere paints (gold, bronze and pearl white), stencil shell on canvas paper, starting with the lighter shades at the base and adding bronze at the end.   Make sure to use a less paint as you stencil.  You can always go back and add more.

To stamp the sentiment, By the Sea- use the lumiere paints and add the teal paint to mirror the ribbon.  

Use painter's tape to secure the stencil.  Lay canvas paper and stencil
on a pad or piece of foam for cushion

2.  Once the paint is dry, layer you canvas and the stamped sentiment onto the batting and then onto the burlap (leaving enough at the top and bottom to fold over for the eyelets), using a straight stitch, stick along the edges of the canvas.  Trim threads.
Ribbon Bow Banner pinned and ready to be attached - see video.

3. Using the ombre ribbon, create a bow, with long tails.  Using straight pins, pin the folds to create a natural flow of the ribbon.  Once pinned, using either needle and thread or a fabric adhesive, attach bow to the canvas. 

4.  Fold over top edge of burlap and place a small piece of manilla folder/heavy cardstock in the folded area to give strength and stability for the eylets.  Sew a straight stitch or glue across the base of the fold.  Using the crop--o-dile or eyelet setter, set 2 eyelets at the top of the banner and 6 at the base of the banner.  
eyelets set, ribbon around the base of stenciled piece.

close-up of ombre ribbon & shell 

eyelets at the base

larger eyelet at the top corner

5.  For the top, cut a long piece of covered wire and thread through one eyelet, wrapping the end of the wire.  Create curls in the handle by wrapping the wire around a dowel or pencil.  Slip the other end through the other eyelet and wrap the tail around the top part of the  wire handle. 

6.  Using a wider width ribbon, tie a simple bow around wire and  add dangles to the center of the bow. 

7.  Set the 6 eyelets at the base of the banner. with the same directions as in step 4.   

8. Using  varying lengths of ribbon, thread the ribbon through the eyelets.  tie simple overhand knots near the top of the ribbons. 

9.  Wrap the ivory jute around 2 of the wider ribbons instead of tying knots to add variety.  Secure the jute with a double knot.  Add bead charms onto the jute.

10.  To add interest and weight to the ribbon streamers, add shells, charms and buttons.  

11.  To create stamped canvas tags, stamp sentiment onto canvas tags.  Stitch (or using adhesive) the ICE RESIN® paper to the back of the tag.  Set an eyelet in each tag and tie to the ribbon streamers.

Close up of top of the banner
Full view of banner 

The ribbon streamers- love the effect of the sheer ribbons

shells adorn the ribbons 

Here is the Tutorial - Enjoy!

Thank you for taking the time to read about my Ribbon Love and also how to create the  Banner by the Sea.  I hope you fill inspired to create your own Banner with plenty of Ribbon and those things that bring a dash of lovely into your art and your home next time, 


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