Monday, July 25, 2011

Meet the girlies.....

We have been quite busy since early April 19th. A few weeks earlier, my husband, Sweet and Wonderful, gave his blessing to one of my dreams-- I could have chickens!! I have wanted those little feathery friends for at least 20 years!!! So with his blessing, the girls and I began to explore and study all there was to know about our soon to be members of our backyard farm! (I had actually purchased, years ago, several books on raising and keeping chickens.) But we purchased more books and magazines (Did you know there is one devoted to Chickens?!!!) and of course, the internet provided info, suppliers and of course our chickens. We especially love my pet chicken . We chose bantams since they are smaller and quieter but believe me they can fly! I think the movie Chicken Run had it all wrong - we have good little fliers but their wings have been clipped (for their safety and my sanity!) They arrived on April 19th--oh what a fun day! We had our brooder set up in my studio and took care to keep them warm, fed, and healthy.

We held them, sang to them - We kept the radio playing Country all day, ate lunch with them (except when we were eating chicken- a bit weird:) and of course made sure their nights were warm and comfortable.

They are now 14 weeks old and have been out in their chicken yard since June. We moved them to a new chicken yard this week... Sweet and Wonderful created a larger area for our girlies...We did have one beautiful rooster that went to a new farm on Saturday..I think my neighbors are thanking me but to me, his greeting the morning and welcoming the day was a wonderful sound....So we now have 7 little girlies...Here are all but one....They do not always cooperate when the camera is out...

Polly the Poland, Brighton the Aracauna, Babs the buff Brahma,Poulette the Wyandotte and one of his last pics with us is waffles, an easter egger.
In this pic, Brighton, Millie, the Barred and Ginger, the buff brahma ( not pictured Maggie, the other Barred)

I hope you like our little slice of Farm life in the backyard...


  1. So wonderful Chantal! We got our first eggs last week and are averaging about 3 a day. We got 5 in one day. It is so fun watching this wonderful story unfold.

  2. Oh Chantal, Missed you!
    How fun! I have been hesitant to jump into chickens although we have toyed with the idea for years. Along with goats and llamas and alpacas. Never got up the courage. I was afraid of the extra time commitment. Of course chickens would be easier than the others, haha. So tell us more! How did you set up their space. Knowing you it must be lovely.
    Hugs, Pam