Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Saturday Gathering...

Blessed...Today was a wonderful day. I held a "Creative Collage Cuff" workshop (I really don't know why it is called "workshop" - No work involved, no shopping...It should be called "playtime"). And Play is what we did.. 7 Fabulous women joined my mom, my girls and me for a great day filled with Laughter, Friendship and Creative inspiration.
Bliss...Supreme Happiness (webster's definition, not mine) but it sure does describe today's events. We gathered at my home and art studio for a time of creativity that involved stamping, stitching, sewing, collaging (this is a word in my home- How about your's?), and even gluing!! As I taught, I also learned- that's the beauty in being a life long learner. It is wonderful to know that we haven't arrived yet - in art, in creativity, in life and ultimately in our Lord. There is so much to learn and I love to increase not just in head knowledge but heart knowledge...I digress. Back to the day, we took a short break to look at the girlies - My little hens. It is wonderful when people want to share in your joys. Then back to stitching, creating until lunch. Lunch was a great time filled with food and friends. We even were privileged to celebrate one of the sweetest gal's birthday. Susie, thanks for sharing it with us and Sharry, thanks for thinking of her and for the wonderful cake. We went back to creating - Some had changed from the idea of a cuff to dog collars, hangings and needle holders. That 's when you know you have helped others take off with your initial idea and make it there own....

Now you might be wondering "Where are the Pictures of this great time?" Very good question with a great answer...I forgot to take any pictures but a New wonderful friend did - So mosey on over to her blog and take a peek....It's well worth the trip.

Until next time - Hope you are blessed in all you do and that Bliss is a natural happening at your house....


  1. Thanks again, Chantal! It was so much fun!

  2. The cuffs are beautiful...wish I could come play with you too! I have been making some fun cuffs to out of elastic for a bride request. Hope the Hens are doing beautifully....ours are laying like crazy!!

  3. It was a great time - Skyped with my Sis on Sunday and showed her my "beach" hanging - she loved it. Thank you so much for sharing your creativity with us and inviting us into your lovely home. Thanks to your Mom as well - what a sweet lady. Linda from McKinney