Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Create Dream-like Druze inspired Stones with ICE RESIN® and German Glass Glitter

Dream like Druze Stones with German Glass Glitter and ICE RESIN®

Recently, I had the pleasure of making 25 necklaces for a group of wonderful girls.  Yes, it was a pleasure!! What made it so was that I was able to create the druze-appearance with beautiful and brilliant colors of German Glass Glitter and ICE RESIN®.  These inspired Druzes are reminiscent of the real Druze stone in "which a thin layer of quartz crystals covering a host stone." (courtesy of mieralszone.com).  

And of course the pleasure is all mine  when working with ICE RESIN® - the clear glass like look can set the glitter as an adhesive dripped in the bottom of the bezel or once the german glass glitter is poured, you can add ICE RESIN® to seal it.  The colors of the glass glitter are incredibly vivd and create a colorful addition to any jewelry piece. Also with ICE RESIN German Glass Glitter, there are no shards or sharp edges which is great for wearable art!!Finishing the bezels with a wire wrapped bead and seam binding for the "Chain" brought the look together. Here are the simple steps to make these dreamy necklaces - All supplies for the Druze- like stones can be found here at ICE RESIN


Metal Bezel
German Glass Glitter (color of choice)
disposable brush, small cup
wooden stirrer
wire (18 gauge)
glass beads of your choice
complimentary color of seam binding or chain
round nose pliers
flush cutters


1.  Mix small amount of ICE RESIN® (for one bezel).  Pour equal parts of A &B and gently stir for 2 minutes. Then let sit for 5 Minutes. I made them all at one setting so I mixed a larger amount. 

2.  Once the resin is ready, drip (using the sitrrer) a few drops to the base of bezel.  Pour glitter into the bezel and tap down with the dry end of stirrer or another one.  

3.  Let set for at least 6 hours.  I like to do mine overnight. 

4.  One dry,  the bezel is ready to be finished or if you would like to seal them, you can add ICE RESIN® and fill the bezel.  Once again, let dry 8-12 hours.
Which color is your favorite???
5.  To create a wire drop bead dangle, 
*cut a piece of wire based on your bead size and how long you would like your drop to be.  
*Then, using round nose pliers, create a small curl with one end of wire.
*Thread glass bead on to wire and then slip into the ring on your bezel. 
*Now with excess wire, wrap to secure it on the bezel

6.  Add seam binding or a chain and your necklace is complete

I hope you'll take the time to create a Dream-like Druze inspired necklace.  It is always my pleasure to share a little joy in the journey. 

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