Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Valentine typography tutorial

Have you seen all the beautiful typography that is all over everywhere...if you haven't, I think you might need to get out a little more.  All the fonts, the sayings, the colors, the words are quite the rage...There are tons of computer tutorials for these letter beauties.  However, sometimes one can get discouraged about their own limits of creating in this technology driven world.     When someone begins with just go to photoshop and reverse the image and then use the layers effect.....well you lost me at just go to photoshop, I actually thought we were shopping! No, not really but with me, hands on is still the best approach.  So what is a gal to do to create some of her own typography?  
Head to your stash of scrap-booking stickers and find some words, thoughts, expression, letters and let the magic begin...

Sweet valentine's stickers that I've had for years!!
Regular printing paper
Position your stickers on copy paper, copy it and then you will have two copies to
create a larger piece of typography.

Next you will need freezer paper, muslin, scissors and an iron.
Iron muslin to freezer paper, shiny side up. No steam!! By the way, best iron ever
Black and Decker Classic - nice and heavy! Trim muslin to fit in the the paper tray of your printer.  Make sure that the muslin adheres firmly to the freezer paper, paying close attention to the corners.  
Using your arranged sticker paper and your printer, place the prepared muslin into the paper tray (* I remove all of the paper so as not to have any paper jams).  This is the printed muslin after it has gone through the printer...
I created varying shades- so as to create different effects.  You could even do a black and white--ooh, that would be so beautiful..I'm going to do this once I finish this post.  

a better view of the printed muslin  
You are my everything!!-Isn't that truly the best sentiment ever!!

I have already begun to use the lightest muslin as a trio of hearts -perhaps as a banner or as little sachets. You could frame the printed fabric, add it to a project or let this be the project!! Any way you choose, it is a great and easy way to create typography for that Love-ly Holiday!!

If you would like to check out another trio of hearts, my Linen Hearts are featured in the current issue.
Heart Wreaths for everyday decor--that's me!!!

Linen Love-- these hang in my home all year long.. Love isn't only for a day - it is for a lifetime.   
I would love to know of your heart-felt projects and inspirations.  Feel free to share on my first ever link party- a heart full of linen, love and inspiration!! and we will have a giveaway at the end of the party!! So let's link up with lots of love.....

P.S.  Don't worry, we are not in Hawaii as the link says- just a first timer forgetting to change the time zone.  We are still in the great state of Texas!!

Until next time--Blessings

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