Monday, February 13, 2012

Thoughts of Summer...

Summer 2011- my article appears on page 128

It's hard to believe someone can be thinking of summer right now. Our winter came back with temps in the 30's for the last 3 days. Of course, we have rain today instead of snow but my mind is drifting to summer- the beach, the sand, the gardening and of course Sew Somerset. You may be asking yourself "What does Sew Somerset have to do with summer"? That is an awesome question - I found out this past week that several pieces of my work will be featured in the Summer issue of this incredible publication. I am glad someone's thinking about summer. All kidding aside, I am truly honored and blessed when people like my work. When I like what I make/create, that is reward enough but when someone else likes it- that is truly a blessing. It's like a seal of approval. In the words of Sally Fields- "You like really like me." Although my work may not be Oscar worthy, it is Sew Somerset worthy-- and that is good enough for me!!! Be looking for great sewing notions and samplers (from me) when the summer issue hits newsstands June 1st-It'll be here before we know it. Until next time,


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