Thursday, February 23, 2012

Pocket full of memories...

A Pocketful of memories...
I wanted to share a quick take on a inspiration craft from Cathe Holden of Just Something I made. She actually posted the craft on another blog but you can follow the link from her Febraury 20th post. I loved how she made pocket pages within a vintage book. But I thought to myself, some of those books are quite large and I don't need that many pockets. I also love to make my own journals full of all kinds of paper, techniques, colors, themes, found treasures--you get the idea. So with that in mind, I went to one of my recent finds, a vintage condensed Reader's Digest from 1960's. Funny how those vintage years don't seem all that long ago...The pages had that wonderful creamed brown paper with wonderful lettering and illustrations. You just can't find that on a kindle or even an ipad (which I do love by the way). With my version of pockets, you could make these for a journal page, a card holder, a ticket stub memory holder or whatever little treasures you might have. You could make several of these, punch holes and then bind them in your favorite way to create a pocket page journal!

I did actually take pictures along the way - so as the saying goes "A picture is worth a 1000 words" - let's hope so. But just in case the pictures don't tell the story, I'll still use my words:)

Here's what you'll need:

*6 pages from a vintage book or book of your choice
*UHU glue stick
*sewing machine, thread
*Color box ink in Chestnut Roan or your choice of color

Step 1 - Glue 3 pages together in the center of each page. Keep clear of the edges as this is where you will sew. The glue may make your needle stick in your paper.

2. With three pages together, Sew a diagonal line from the left side starting about 1/2 way down the page to the other side.

3. Using decorative scissors, cut just above the diagonal sewn line.
4. Then ink all edges, if so desired.

5. Now take the other 3 pages and glue as in step 1.

6. Next, place the diagonal pages and the 3 glued together pages, and begin to sew all around the 4 sides.

Here is the finished pocket....
This is actually the second pocket of the day..You can now embellish the front with flowers, sayings, treasures or use it as is and fill the pocket with sweet sentiments, ticket stubs, photos, recipes... you may choose what to put in your "Pocket full of memories."

Don't forget the blog giveaway when we reach 100 followers...See my earlier post for the awesome prize that will be given. Every follower is automatically entered!! Until next time, I hope your pockets are full of all the good things in life that you can hold.


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