Wednesday, February 2, 2011

More learning each day....

My journey of self discovery... ( that is fancy for clearing/cleaning) out has just begun. I took the liberty yesterday morning for more "self-discovery." With the freezing rain hitting my windows and my eyes wide opened, I ventured into my closet. I decided I would start with all of our towels and sheets and then I moved onto my clothes...With the system in place, I began. If I hadn't used it or had too many, I put it in the goodwill pile. If it was all used up or in bad shape, I tossed it. If I knew I would use it, then it found a place to call home on the shelves or the drawers ( My husband redid our closet with the Container Store--he is so good). Here are a few things I learned about the linens...

1. No one needs 9 sets of sheets for the same bed - even if they were on sale. I don't know about your bed, but my bed can only have 1 set at a time.
2. We had way too many blankets...Except today it is 15 degrees, I might should go back and pull them out....No, resist the urge, I kept plenty (at least one per family member!).
3. Some of my pillowcases and sheets could be considered vintage--Oh My how time flies!!
3. For towels, they look much better if you can fold them and even better if you can find them.

Here is a finished picture....

It was only around 5:00 (am that is) - so I moved onto my clothes. It's funny that we say we have nothing to wear...Last time I checked I did and probably so do you. It's more like...I haven't got the right thing to wear but more on the learning a bit later. My system here was a little different. I decided that the clothes that didn't fit were definitely going but then there were two other categories that I needed to consider. The first one was clothes that held memories - such as a leather vest that Scott gave me and then the second was that some of my clothes weren't "Me." Oh they belonged to me but didn't feel like me. Perhaps I bought them at a great price or at a time when I thought I needed them. It was also clothes that didn't make me feel great when I put them on. Let me explain this concept further....I love to take my girls shopping. When Savannah (my teenager) tries on clothes, I know immediately if she likes them. Her face lights up, she fixes her hair and she envisions what shoes she'll wear. When Presleigh( my 9 year old) gets clothes, she knows her style - and she loves to mix and match clothes. Yes, I love that my girls love clothes. So when I began the clearing out, I wanted that same feeling...that when I put that top, sweater or jeans on, I smile and begin to fix my hair, smile and think of shoes....So the sorting began...

Here's what I learned..

1. I had way too many clothes that weren't me... This was like an episode of "What Not to Wear" except No Stacy and Clinton and no embarrassing video.
2. Memories are not in the clothes..They are in my heart.
3. The clothes that are little too tight or too big...tossed. I don't plan on getting bigger and when I need smaller, it will be fun to go buy them.
4. Even after all that...I still have clothes!!

Now for real self- discovery....

*Just like the urge to get the blankets, we tend to want to go back and pick up that thing that we just gave to God so he could handle it (just as he wants). Or even still, we want to go back and get the bitterness, selfishness, pride or ______(you fill in the blank) that we felt towards someone or a situation, We think we might need that old feeling again.. The Lord tells us to get rid of those things so he can make a better way. You know the beauty of God's wisdom is it is his. He has what we need to make it through the bitter cold , the storms and the joys of life. We don't need to go back into that old box, no matter how tempting.
*My clothes, no matter if they are the latest fashions or something from the past, they do not define who I am. It's fun to look cute, to try new fashions, and it's ok to stick with what is comfortable. But it really isn't important. Paul says this is our wardrobe...

"Clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience." Col 3:12

Those need to be forefront in our fashion, in our lives...then no matter what You or I wear, these will be the best additions to our wardrobe.

* I also realized that I am so blessed. The Lord said he would provide for all my needs. After filling 4 trash sized bags, my closet wasn't bare, my clothes were enough for me. I've made room, I've cleared out the old, the "not me's", the extras and I can share with others who are in need.

I am loving this journey...thanks for sharing it with me. Coming Soon...the office closet and the laundry room....learning never ends!! Until next time,



  1. oooh my goodness! Oh how I love this post. I love knowing what Paul speaks about. How comforting is that. I think I need to make us a scripture tag (LOL!

  2. Please do!! I still have the one you made me!! Hope you are doing well and staying warm.

  3. You are really making strides Chantal. I am going to tackle our bedroom this week. Clearing and sorting and getting rid of the excess, plus painting and refreshing. Thanks for the inspiration! Hugs, Pam

  4. Chantal...I'm SOOOO pleased to see you freeing yourself of useless clutter!!! As an avid purger I salute you! At present I'm doing the same thing you's something about a brand new year, new beginnings etc. Here's a hint...I ALWAYS go back a second or third time and purge the selected space again just to free up more's amazing what you'll find to let go of in that second round!
    just me...cheering you on...jan

  5. Oh....I HAVE to say it....a vacuum cleaner in your clothes closet??? For shame!!! ROFLOL Get that thing out of there pronto and into a designated utility closet! And don't come back tellin' me it's a Rowenta clothes steamer. That's a "tool" as doesn't belong there belongs in the laundry room! Sheesh!!!
    just me...being my anal retentive self...jan

  6. I, like you, am also on a mission: to increase my happiness set point and, like you, purging and donating have been a part of that road. I have tackled the usuals: closet, kitchen, bathroom, etc. For the first time i cleared out the art room. I put together a box of things that will go to a lady from my ChristianPaperArtists Group--she's helping others in Ukraine. It does feel good and yes miss Jan--the second time around there is more. Have a great day, week, month...