Saturday, May 8, 2010

You know you're a Texan when...

Out of the mouth of babes-- Presleigh, our 9 year old, told Savannah, our 16 year old, that she thought the book she (Savannah) was reading was ..."Tequilla mockingbird".

Conclusion:Either our accents are so strong or....well, we won't go there!! I believe it is the accent. So when you hear that Texas twang, you just gotta smile!!!

Have a blessed weekend....Registration for Tidbits and Tassels 2 will begin in June....Stay tuned.



  1. made me smile this morning! LOL... can't wait to use that one at the office monday!

  2. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!

    Happy Mothers Day! Can't wait to meet you at Paper Cowgirls & I hope to come to your Art Event too. Charlene