Saturday, October 24, 2009

Lysol anyone?

Lysol anyone?? I just finished spraying Lysol disinfectant spray all around our house. Can you guess why??? The crud germs have found their way to our house. 3 appointments to the doctor yesterday and 1 trip during after hours indicated 2 with viral/sinus crud and 1 with a strep type infection that produced mammoth hives, fever, sore throat---Then today, hubby came home from a golf game with 101 temp....Looking forward to a fresh week with hopefully, well bodies and eager minds. On the bright side, while sitting with my youngest, I worked on some embroidery for a big project that must be finished by November 9th...It is a reward to work with our hands and to hold our loved ones close!! May the germs not find their way to your house and may this week be happy and healthy for all!!

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  1. I found you, fellow Beth Moore Siesta! I'm so glad we were able to connect. I can't wait to start Ester next January. What will you be studying?