Friday, May 8, 2009

There is a little less dirt....

If you are wondering, the answer is yes.  We are still under construction..or should I say on top of it...our lush green yard has been turned into an oasis of dirt, stone, pipes, wood and a big hole in the ground.  Seriously, it is coming along quite nicely.  In the following pictures you can see where we have come from and to where we are heading.  This will become an oasis of lush green, vibrant texas colors (in the plants we choose) and barrel full of laughter and good times. I am looking forward to the days in the pool, the studio and cooking outdoors.  Who knows--maybe the inside of the house will stay clean...One can only dream!!  Summer is here and we are almost ready!!

At the end of the summe,r I am also looking forward to hosting a  group of women called "the Texas Bellas" in anticipation of our art workshop (in Omaha) in November for a mini-art workshop.  It will be a great time here at the Johnson's, this summer with friends and family.  

Stay tuned.....

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