Sunday, March 22, 2009

It's begun..diggin' is half the fun

Here it comes.... The excavation began on Wednesday.  With the big "claw" (I don't know the technical term but the word describes it well.), my garden was gone, my grass was gone and the weeds were gone.  This thing sliced through my Texas dirt like butter.  It was an impressive sight to see the sculpting of the pool and the areas for the outdoor kitchen and my Art Studio.  Then over the next few days came plumbers, steel workers, foundation diggers (once again not the technical term, but it is what they did)..we did have one interesting delivery....a  Port-a-Potty. We laughed so hard when the truck brought this to our yard and asked where did I want it...Let's just say as far from the house as possible!!  It is so exciting to see all this unfold...a lot of choices, interruptions and new aspects we have never even thought of will surely be a part of our life for the next few weeks.   This will be a wonderful journey with many memories!!!Stay tuned.....

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